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Pedant's Teapot

[marked for deletion] - not really an idea, and most likely 'baker baiting.
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The teapot that I own has the annoying habit of whenever I pour the dregs out, some tea solid remains, even when I refill the pot with water and pour it out again some dregs remain.

This has appealed to that meticulous pedant in me, and thus I have come to the conclusion that my teapot, and several others that I have seen in various shops are defective by design. The neck of my teapot begins roughly in the centre of the side of the teapot, and this design seems to be common with a lot of the teapots that I have seen.

The obvious solution to this is to begin the neck at the bottom side of the teapot, thus there being no obstruction to the tea leaves remaining.

froglet, Jun 16 2006

(?) tea balls http://www.jaxtea.c...ball&OVMTC=standard
[xandram, Jun 16 2006]

check these out... http://www.dallasar...a/Mad-Teapots.shtml
[xandram, Jun 16 2006]


       Not sure whether this is the solution, but I sympathise about the problem [+]
pertinax, Jun 16 2006

       May I also suggest that the bottom of the pot can be unscrewed, thereby allowing better scouring access to any solid tea residue?
pertinax, Jun 16 2006

       /*kof*/ -ant's or -ants' /*kof hhkhh pfff */   

       God help me.
bibliotaphist, Jun 16 2006

       does your teapot not have a whopping great hole on the top with a lid?
po, Jun 16 2006

       Title should be "Pedant's Teapot" - (pesky pedant swallows bait) - I'm off now to have tea via a non-clogging teabag. I like the idea of a teapot that is all neck and no belly, i.e. the oppostite of most football supporters, so +
xenzag, Jun 16 2006

       //meticulous pedant // A tautology, shirley?
AbsintheWithoutLeave, Jun 16 2006

       A tautology? I was about to say the same thing! ([marked for deletion] should be [marked–for-deletion], by the way.)
ldischler, Jun 16 2006

       If you are using loose teas, have you not tried putting them into a 'tea ball'? [link] This way there is no leaf at all, because I have found that sometimes just the shape of the pot itself will cause debris to be left inside.
xandram, Jun 16 2006

       What [po] said. Swill it out! If there is a small amount of lees in there after that it can't matter too much!.
BTW, God has invented TeaBags to mitigate the situation......
gnomethang, Jun 16 2006

       And man has invented teabagging.
normzone, Jun 16 2006

       Is it not that the accumulated, left over dregs add to the flavor? These hints of teas of kettles past remind us of our history in tea, keeping us honest to our roots should we fly off with mint after years of drinking chamomile.
James Newton, Jun 16 2006


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