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Milk Pipettes

Way better that those stupid little tubs used for single 'splash' milk in tea/coffee.
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At some point in the past, the small cylindrical tubs of milk were an innovation. They allowed for instant milk-ification of tea and coffee on trains, in restaurants, and so on. Some people I know even keep some in their handbag, just in case.

However, I feel that they ceased to be an innovation a long time ago - around about the time when the first was opened, spilling the contents all over someone's pants. This milk spillage was then exarcebated by the attempts to catch milk, which failed miserably and ended up with a hot mug of tea being spilt on someone's private parts. Someone was not amused.

I suspect that innovation of this product stopped because the tub was 'sufficient'. People bought it and it became perceived wisdom that milk had to be opened in such a haphazardly way.

I say 'Boo!' to this. Why should milk come in miniature cartons that resemble thimbles, only to be perpetually spilt?

I propose a slender, pipette-like disposable container with a twist-off plastic cap. Hold it by the neck, with opening facing up. Break off the cap, tilt the pipette to pour out milk.

Jinbish, Jan 12 2009

Pipettes https://www.natures.../images/pipette.jpg
Something like this. [Jinbish, Jan 12 2009]

Don't even mention these awful packets. http://www.office36...ystix-UHT-Whole.htm
They might not be tubs - but they're no better.
Actually, they would work if only there was a little more of the wrapping container to hold onto as you tore the edge. [Jinbish, Jan 12 2009]

The offending packaging http://www.office36...illac-Maid-Milk.htm
No use crying over? [Jinbish, Jan 12 2009]

Milk Teabags by [up_on_cloud_nine] Milk-teabag
The idea that got me thinking of this as an alternative solution. [Jinbish, Jan 12 2009]

Plastic tomato sauce container (2nd from the top) http://www.foodserv...?catID=25&rangeID=4
[miasere] made me think of this (possibly the same thing as you mention?) [Jinbish, Jan 12 2009]


       I cant find a link for it, but in Australia they have ketchup containers that would meet your needs.   

       They are pots that are divided into 2 compartments with a small pipe between with the top weakened. When you fold the pots together they push on each other and break the pipe creating a squeezable outlet for you ketchupy needs. Would work well with milk.
miasere, Jan 12 2009

       Ah! That reminds me that there are ketchup containers in the UK with a similar construction. They are short and fat, and would need to be a bit more slender for a less viscous liquid like milk...
Jinbish, Jan 12 2009


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