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Two-Story Books

Two different stories that share the same pictures
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I was translating a fairy tale into Spanish (for obscure reasons, involving little children and picture books) and was also doing the English.

On one page you would see the Spanish, a picture, than the English below it. I looked at this and thought that you could write a story in one language, write another completely different story in the other language, and have the pictures go with both stories.

Two stories, written in one book (not neccessarily different languages), with the pictures going with both stories. Since it is a children's book, the pictures don't have to be that detailed, and the stories can differ greatly.

2 for the price of 1!

DesertFox, Apr 12 2005

Two Stories, One Picture: Chinese Pirate Movie Subtitles http://www.sinospli...archives/001573.php
[calum, Apr 12 2005]

Japanese Penny Arcade Remix Project http://www.yukihime.com/comics/paremix/
very funny, if you find that sort of thing funny. [calum, Apr 12 2005]

Upside Down OR Flippable stories http://www.planetpe...ustave_verbeek.html
Gustave Verbeck & his comics that view right side up & upside down. COOL! [macncheesy, Apr 15 2005]


       [+] This would be a fun exercise, seeing how different you could make the two stories, yet still utilize the same images. May I have your permission to experiment with this concept and photographs ?
normzone, Apr 12 2005

       This idea is somewhat baked by the existence of parodies, where people substitute their own stories in someone else's picture books (i.e. Jack Chick's oft parodied tracts) to humorous effect. The original text is generally eradicated, though.   

       Maybe another twist could be to leave blank a third of the space in such a book so that the reader might be encouraged to cobble together her own story to go with the included pictures, pencilling it in alongside the other two offerings.
Soterios, Apr 12 2005

       This would be a good creative exercise for kids in school--give them pictures and have them make the story. You could even let them rearrange them.
yabba do yabba dabba, Apr 12 2005

       Very good!Pleasantly surprised by this little gem of an idea.   

       I think of a story about a kid and mister spider told from the kids' perspective and from mister spiders perspective. Kids could learn to look at things from different angles. Or indeed the two stories could be completely different, a little confusing maybe but nothing kids can't handle.
zeno, Apr 12 2005

       For an even more tricky variant, construct the pictures to be like those in the book "Topsy Turvys", except instead of each picture being a two-part story (the second part of which is revealed when the picture is turned upside-down) each picture would go with one story when upright, and the other story when inverted. The pictures for the two stories would also be in reverse sequence, so that the book would "read" normally whether it was ``right-side up`` or ,,umop apisdn,, (the text for the story not being would have to be ignored, but that shouldn't be a problem).
supercat, Apr 12 2005

       Of course, both stories would be exactly 500 words long...
RayfordSteele, Apr 13 2005

       //,,umop apisdn,, //
[sp] ,,umop ap!sdn,,
I'm gonna go sit in the corner now...
AfroAssault, Apr 13 2005

       Here I thought this was going to be about two-story-high books. C-, but no fish, for disappointment regarding same.
disbomber, Apr 14 2005

       Good, 'specially with [supercat]'s twist.
FarmerJohn, Apr 14 2005

       + Or perhaps one story would start where the other story ended, going backwards through the pictures. Or...you could have a palindromic story, where you read the left pages in the normal direction, then the right pages in the reversed direction. Of course, you'd have this tendency to look, to see how it turned out, so the reversed story could be upside down. But then the pictures have to make sense upside down too. Oh God, it's getting SO complicated...
ldischler, Apr 14 2005

       [UB] that reminds me of "Politically Correct Bedtime Stories".
DesertFox, Apr 14 2005

       ** how about multiple images for the same text. I have always been one for more pictures! **
kumpf, Apr 14 2005

       "He was always thought of as a real second-story man. No one every believed his first story."
RayfordSteele, Apr 14 2005

       Can Dali do the illustrations?   

daseva, Apr 14 2005

       I got a two story book illustration today in Cracker Jack! Held up one way, the picture was of a young man, but turned over the picture looked like an old man.
reensure, Apr 14 2005

       I like the young/old woman Escher picture.
DesertFox, Apr 14 2005

       How about having stories, that when played backwards sounded a whole new story. Kinda like "Stairway to Heaven" and tales of the devil...   

       Escher or Dali.. ahh, I can't decide between the two on their illusory capabilities... Probably Escher, those stairs never stop going up!.. But, Dali's lady by the sea/Abe Lincoln? What was that all about?!?
daseva, Apr 14 2005

       'i swear the funny lady read Miguel and the Beanstalk story to us yesterday.'
benfrost, Apr 15 2005

       I don't think I could ever leave the 1/2bakery. Stuff like UnaBubba's comment keeps dragging me back.
DesertFox, Apr 15 2005

       supercats idea is baked in the link above. Wow- that Gustave was one creative cookie. 64 comics like that.
macncheesy, Apr 15 2005


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