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sugarless sugar glaze for pastry

artificially sweetened pastry glaze with the physical properties of sugar glaze
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What I miss most, since I've been diagnosed type II diabetic, is pastry; especially pecan-cinnamon rolls with a thick sugar glaze on them. There are low-calorie toppings for sugarfree pastry, but nothing like that unwholesome, absolutely delicious concoction of mostly sugar, margarine, and water. I've been toying with cornstarch-water-and splenda concoctions, so far- YECCHH. I wonder if a small quantity of microcrystalline cellulose would add the right amount of crunchy crystalline structure? Any chemistry/cooking prodigies out there care to comment?
whlanteigne, Oct 13 2004

Have you tried this? http://www.splenda....e_powderedglaze.inc
[half, Oct 13 2004]


       um. the category you seek is food. this is the category that food related items go into. this is because... oh never mind. so, your idea is to find sugar free topping? that's... oh never mind
schematics, Oct 13 2004


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