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Perforated Popsicle Sticks

So you can eat the last part of your popsicle properly.
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Enjoying a refreshing popsicle with my 3 year old, I found that we both experienced the age-old problem: When you get to the end part of your popsicle, you have to eat from the side or slide the last piece up.

The solution is a popsicle stick that has a slight perforation halfway through the popsicle-covered area, so you can break it off and finish your snack happily. Eating from the side and sliding the last bit up both risk spilling the last bite on the ground (crying child) or on the shirt (crying parent). The break-off piece would just have to be big enough so as not to be a choking hazard.

Extra benefit: Those who keep popsicle sticks for kids' craft projects will appreciate the new feature, because they can get more creative.

This feature may not be used by everyone, but some popsicle-maker would do well to implement it.

hinkle, May 17 2002

popsicle http://www.ideafind...ntions/story026.htm
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       Thanks for the biscuit, bliss. I've read the site for a while, and an original thought finally came to me (doesn't seem to happen too often).
hinkle, May 17 2002

       I like this idea, I have often thought of a drip tray to catch spills - and the last part which slips down or falls off. Your idea is far more cost effective.
arora, May 17 2002

       This makes me sickle. Actually, its the word 'popsicle' that makes me sick, musch prefer 'ice lolly', much more softer and gentler sounding.
[ sctld ], May 17 2002

       I personally prefer my 1 year old's label: 'poppa seekle?' (always spoken in a hopeful, pleading tone)
hinkle, May 17 2002

       See, poppa seekle, doesn't it just cut right through you like a harsh finnish winter. Come to think of it, it does sound quite a bit like finnish.
[ sctld ], May 17 2002

       Aye - it's a lolly stick. Everyone knows that.
mcscotland, May 17 2002

       Or how 'bout if the stick were made of hardened sugar or something - just bite it off. Anyone remember "Fun Dip"?
hinkle, May 17 2002

       First I though you meant the stick would have one or two larger holes punched in it to keep the "ice" from gliding off.
FarmerJohn, May 18 2002

       Holes in the stick could cause problems, because it would be hard to eat that little bit that's frozen into the hole.
hinkle, May 20 2002

       Choking hazard for small kids?
waugsqueke, May 20 2002

       Yeah, with any sort of luck. (Kidding!)
angel, May 20 2002

       Just one. Actually, I don't have any, but that might be because I'm not in the US.
angel, May 20 2002

       Yes, the choking hazard issue might be solved by making the perforation strong enough that it has to be broken off with the fingers, and can't come off in the mouth. Or an adult might have to help.
hinkle, May 20 2002

       poke a hole in the plastic top of a yogurt or oatmeal container with a popsicle stick. you have a reusable, recycled 'drip tray.' someday im going to make a collage of shirt stain memories. have fun and enjoy the sunny days.
onewetleg, Jun 07 2003

       Brilliant! [+]
nuclear hobo, May 20 2007


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