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concubine codewords create copacetic comingling
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I think prostitutes might like a system where they could skip the entire district, at work, or outcall thing; that gives more time to treat the city of employ the way a tourist visiting pleasant places would; basically they just hand clients a card with a bunch of pictures n phrases on it

that way the clients could just go to pleasant pubic places n say whatever the codewords on the card say near a person that looks like the photo

client: the city at its finest

attractive woman: huh?

attractive woman: yeah its nice out

prostitute: NY's finest

a moderate advantage is that as any group of women could print up the cards it decreases the role of "management" n they earn pimpless funds

another rather hilarious advantage would be the number of people meeting each other n flirting accidentally, I lack data on the clients but maybe they'd find fresh friends

I can imagine this might be how jack met chrissy n janet with larry telling jack to go talk to them

beanangel, Mar 13 2008


MaxwellBuchanan, Mar 13 2008

       millions of third base pairs
beanangel, Mar 13 2008

       nanoo nanoo technology
beanangel, Mar 13 2008

       //that way the clients could just go to pleasant pubic places//   

       Freudian slip?
imaginality, Mar 14 2008

       imaginality you made me laugh
beanangel, Mar 14 2008

       They do it in the espionage game, why not?   

       Or, then again, doesn't this make it something like "You know that thing that X does? Well, Y should do it, too"   

       Which is not exactly a "let's all"... so what do you call it?
globaltourniquet, Mar 14 2008

       things that gives people mobility n choice are always beneficial;   

       plus a criticism: this is not convenient to clients thus may not create peak earnings I'm thinking prostitutes might prefer to see management minimized plus have more pleasant surroundings though
beanangel, Mar 14 2008

       I'm not sure about this one, for any number of reasons; not least of which is the corollary to accidental flirting, namely, accidentally picking up a pro. john: "what's a beautiful day." / pro: "as beautiful as you are. shall we go my place bouncy-bouncy?"   

       I think you need bond-esque passphrases: "john: the snows in leningrad keep the bears awake." / pro: "yes, but the vermillion eels of splendour gravitate like muesli."
navel-gazer, Mar 15 2008

       The police could use this as an undeniable confession of guilt from the John. No longer would they need cash in hand or literal solicitation of a crime. Generally people involved in a criminal act desire "plausible denyability" something this idea lacks.
WcW, Mar 15 2008

       Err, I think you'd have deniability.   

       "So, Mr Smith, you approached the young lady and made a clear declaration of your intention to purchase physical relations from her, saying "At this time of year you see more pigeons than squirrels", how do plead?"
marklar, Mar 16 2008

       Mr. Smith, beeing In the Know, even off further Crime, : Sya's : 'He's friends Aere fine, They are destributing factories, off luxury goods, and fine art crystallites,,, !!!!,.
sirau, Jun 24 2011


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