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Pet Phone

Call and Check on Pets You've Left Home Alone
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This is an "always answer" videophone that has an attached treat dispenser.

If you, say, leave your cats at home, you can check on them by "calling" home, which will cause the treat dispenser to shake the treat box, causing the cats to come within range of the videophone.

The device will then transmit your pets' images/voices to your web browser/cell phone/neural implant and will allow you to obnoxiously call out to your pets.

cowtamer, May 16 2007

OhGizmo: ISeePet 360 http://www.ohgizmo....etter-gear-than-us/
[jutta, May 16 2007, last modified Jul 29 2008]


       Or you could make a little cat cap, remove the propeller and replace with a webcam.
skinflaps, Sep 27 2007


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