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Pez Pill Dispenser

Portable pills in a cartridge
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Pill bottles rattle in the pocket or bag. Blister packs get crumpled and hold too few pills. Why not a spring-loaded canister like a Pez dispenser? A calibrated slot in the side shows how many are left (or how many you have eaten). Contraceptive canisters are close, but still waste a lot of space. Besides, they don't come with cool heads. Think of the possibilities: Bart Simpson for Ritalin, Elvis for Valium, and Nancy Reagan for anything without a scrip (though ravers might favor the big-eyed glow-in-the-dark alien for their E). Birth control pills are a challenge: Margaret Sanger? Carl Djerassi? Trent Lott?
rmutt, May 10 2001

(?) The Prozac-Pez Web Page http://www.thegoodn...ozacPez/Default.htm
[nhyatt, Apr 30 2002, last modified Oct 21 2004]


       Cute. It might encourage those who eat too many vitamins over the course of the day to cut down on the number of dispensers they own...
jetgrrl, May 11 2001

       ummm...why can't you just use regular pez dispensers? most pills should fit in them.
mihali, May 11 2001

       I conclude with Peter also.   

       Kids on Zoloft . . . sounds dispensable to me.
bobzaguy, May 12 2001

       Stupid idea. Drugs should look like drugs. If a kid/someone found a pez dispenser, they'd think there were sweets inside them and maybe just eat them.
lardus, Feb 19 2003

       Why can't we have a variety of characters or objects for the dispenser, instead of what you mentioned? Who would be stupid enough to think that a pill is a candy?
darkknight_152002, Jul 26 2003


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