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Physics popup book

pull tab to compress gas, pull string to hoist steel girder
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Popup books were great fun when learning to read! they enticed me with mechanically actuated, interactive illustrations that grabbed my attention and encouraged me to understand the story behind them. Could they be adapted to teach physics principles too? This might encourage younger readers to explore science and engineering, or make an attractive conversation for students or geeks in general.

Imagine interactive, cutout tabs that demonstrate these: *** two wheels of different diameters connected by a string demonstrate different rotation speeds *** two gears with different diameters turning at different speeds *** levers with fulcrums placed at different points *** piston attached to wheel, demonstrating internal combustion engine *** compound pulleys

Then again, nothing beats real-world, hands-on examples for demonstrating instantly how physical laws work. But this book might be fun to play with if your block-and-tackle is in disrepair.

squirrelecule, Aug 27 2010

Overtly-Scientific_20Bedtime_20Stories [squirrelecule, Aug 27 2010]

Plastic_20Pop-Up_20Books [squirrelecule, Aug 27 2010]

adult physics? Peniscapes
[squirrelecule, Aug 27 2010]


       [+] for being sensitive about the state of my block-and-tackle... alternatives always welcome
jamobaker, Aug 27 2010

       Can we have graphite rods in one page that slot into a fission reactor on the opposite page? Woe betide the slow child who doesn't shut the page quickly to avoid a critical event.
DenholmRicshaw, Aug 27 2010

       Pull to drop the sodium into the water :)
phundug, Aug 30 2010

       When you get to the section on Genral Relativity, does the image pop up, or the book pop down ?
8th of 7, Aug 30 2010

       [DenholmRicshaw] If this book were the subject of a session at the annual MLA convention, that would be a critical event with a moderator.
mouseposture, Aug 31 2010


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