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Pocket File with Tabs

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I keep losing things in my pockets, because everything is jumbled together, but I never loose anything in my filofax. This is because it has separate pages and a tabbed index.

The idea is to simply transfer the principle of the filofax to the top pocket of either a shirt or jacket. This would result in the pocket having separate divided sections, each of which had a tab, with a label. Result - no more lost items in pocket!

xenzag, Sep 26 2009

Tabbed http://s7d5.scene7..../s0073386_sc7?$sku$
wot it might look like [xenzag, Sep 27 2009]


       Why not have more pockets?
kaz, Sep 26 2009

       [+] though, it's a rather cool idea.
kaz, Sep 26 2009

       Lovely. I'm picturing something like a concertina expanding file, with a nice strap and buckle over the top flap
BunsenHoneydew, Sep 27 2009


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