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Political PT Rally

Lead by example
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This idea is posted as a possible remedy for America's alarming obesity rate, which I'm assuming has a lot to do with our lazy reputation.

3 days a week, all politicians are required to lead or participate in a nation-wide PT (Physical Training) program, 30 minutes each day. That's not much time out of the day, but it's enough to get a good workout (2 minutes of pushups, 2 minutes of crunches, 5 minutes of jumping jacks, and plenty of stretching). Due to different schedules for many politicians and citizens working many different shifts, and also for security reasons, there would be many different workouts scheduled each day throughout the week, each led by a different group of politicians.

Nothing here is mandatory for anybody except those who are *supposed* to lead our citizens. But if you want to get in shape, simply tune in to Fox News or CNN at any of the scheduled times (schedules are available online), clear out a small space in your living room, and join in.

This should also help get rid of the lazy, fat, pasty appearance of our politicians and give us a more commanding (instead of demanding) presence in foreign relations.

21 Quest, Feb 05 2007

Aside- little way down. http://kidsrunning....s/shizukachat5.html
[skinflaps, Feb 05 2007]

Well, it's a start anyway. http://www.bbc.co.u...-us-canada-16857993
If girl pushups can be counted... Newt Gingrich, are you watching??? [21 Quest, Feb 04 2012]


       Or send them to Japan where they do this every day.
skinflaps, Feb 05 2007

       Politicians do this in Japan?
21 Quest, Feb 05 2007

       <aside> Almost everybody does this every morning in Japan.
skinflaps, Feb 05 2007

       But surely, in a democracy, politicians are supposed to represent their constituents. Assuming that the premise of your idea is true, how could a glowingly fit health nazi possibly have anything in common with their idle, bloater electorate? Surely this idea is sinisterly anti-democratic?
DrBob, Feb 05 2007

       The idea is to get more of the electorate in shape, by having their leaders motivating them.
21 Quest, Feb 05 2007

       Interesting! Do you personally think of politicians as leaders whom you emulate and who motivate you? That would make you the only person I know who does. I bet if you did a survey, politicians would be outnumbered by (a) entertainers and (b) parents by an order of magnitude.
jutta, Feb 05 2007

       You're probably right. But I have a strong feeling that if people start seeing a bunch of heretofore lazy, fat politicians making an effort to improve themselves, that might change. Politicians aren't seen as motivators because they have made no effort to motivate anything that does not further their political agenda. *Nobody* can convincingly say that regular exercise is a bad thing. Everybody agrees it's a good thing, so people would finally have a reason to look to their politicians for leadership.
21 Quest, Feb 05 2007

       Or make friends with a 6 ft robot in a leather jacket and sun glasses.
skinflaps, Feb 05 2007


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