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Punch Out

Punch out, or Sucker Punch a liberal
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To rid the world of whining and crying and misguided thinking - take a moment, seek out a liberal, and deck them. This should knock the nonsense out of their heads and they should then begin thinking clearly again.
gorn_the_great, Sep 02 2001

The UK's "Liberal Elite" http://www.guardian...273,4240579,00.html
An article that shows how poorly some American right-wing political obessions apply to the UK. [Aristotle, Sep 02 2001]


       [oops, guess I just didn't get the joke. Thanks for the explanation.]
jutta, Sep 02 2001

       uh-oh, jutta's a liberal. You know what they say... a conservative is just a liberal after they've been mugged.
seal1, Sep 02 2001

       //seek out a liberal, and deck them (sic)//   

       But with plain cedar or the more durable and expensive redwood? That's the real issue here. Of course, plastic wood is very fashionable for decking but imho it is terribly ugly. I think if I were to be decked I would request petrified wood, thinly sawn, inasmuch as that has to be absolutely tophole for durability.   

       And speaking of holes, isn't a liberal just a conservative that has managed to pull his head out of his, uh, pocket?
Dog Ed, Sep 02 2001

       Well... nobody was speaking of holes. How did that get mixed in with this train of thought? Uh huh... I see.
gorn_the_great, Sep 02 2001

       //nobody was speaking of holes.//   

       All I can think is that some superluminal connection was made between 'decking' and the famous line from John Cheever, "Back when men were men and women were the knotholes in slippery elm logs."   

       Like they say, liberal congressmen get caught with their fingers in the cookie jar and conservative congressmen get caught breaking parole. Again.
Dog Ed, Sep 03 2001

       This is a very parochial matter for citizens of the USA as in the UK we have laws against assault. Furthermore the US term "liberal" makes no sense in the UK despite our right-wing trying to adopt it as a cypher for "those people we don't like". (see link)
Aristotle, Sep 03 2001


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