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Political Kickboxing

"You gotta want it to win it..,"
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(I'm sorta new here, and if somebody has thought of this already, I'm sorry and you should all just ignore this idea.Here goes.)

Right before elction time (for presidential race or mayor of a town with 73 people,doen't make a difference.) all the politicians come out and start talking, mainly about things that every other politician ever has talked about: lower taxes, beter schools, gun control, all those other "important issues", most of which never actually happen. Yes, the issues matter, but people tell lies (horrible, terrible lies) just to be elected, then sit back and laugh at everyone who was dumb enough to vote for them. How do we fix this? See who really, really wants that job. This can be done through a series of matches of kickboxing, wrestling, judo, whatever. So, if someone decides they don't want the job anyway, then they weren't worthy of office in the first place. The loser of the match is NOT disqualified from the race, and also, claiming that the mayor of YOUR town can kick the mayor of THAT town's butt would be an interesting wat to settle any old small town high school football rivalry (evil cackle.) An added bonus: It might be funny to watch all the canidates for President (or Prime Minister, whatever) get into a boxing ring and pummel one another. It all comes down to this: If you don't want to stand up for the rights of the people bad enough to bareknuckle box for them, then you don't want it at all.

echo, Mar 04 2004

Happens all the time http://www.minjok.c...dex.php3?code=21920
in South Korea [thumbwax, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 05 2004]

Government Forfeits http://www.halfbake...vernment_20Forfeits
It'd at least make it fun. [saker, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 05 2004]


       If it were implemented right now, it would be extremely entertaining. But eventually you'd end up with a nation whose leaders are muscle-bound jocks, strutting about and bragging about how many people they beat up to get where they are.
Eugene, Mar 04 2004

       //eventually you'd end up with a nation whose leaders are muscle-bound jocks //
1st2know, Mar 04 2004

       // See who really, really wants that job. //   

       Hey [echo], I had a similar idea once and it got boned too <link>. Sometimes the halfbakery's like being in the pub - don't talk politics or religion... But I like your idea - it'd be hilarious. Oh, welcome by the way.
saker, Mar 05 2004

       Since when has the desperate desire to achieve power at any costs been considered a good quality in anyone?
kropotkin, Mar 05 2004


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