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Polyglot Clock

Eleven thirty-nueve
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I've had a few digital clocks that 'tell' you the time (audibly), either on the hour, when the alarm goes off, etc.

I want one with language selection, in lots of different languages. I want a clock that can tell me the time in English, Spanish, Dutch, Japanese, Latin, and Swedish. Why? Because I like to dabble in languages, and it'd be an interesting way to learn how to say/tell the times in several at once without a great deal of perseverance. The human mind is wonderful at making correlations, and I imagine with some repetition it would begin to make the ones necessary between the verbal times one would hear and glancing at the clock out of curiousity/necessity rather quickly.

Pseudonym #3, Sep 04 2004

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       The virtual version would make a neat open source project.
jutta, Sep 04 2004

       Cuernito (+) for anything that encourages people to learn a foreign language.   

       The alarml could yell "¡Levántate, huevón!"
Pericles, Sep 05 2004

       I would use this. Does it exist by now?
notexactly, Dec 07 2019


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