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The frozen lolly that helps relieve trapped wind
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My Local chemist/pharmacy/drug store (call it what you will), seems to be branching out all the time with products, other than those you would usually expect to find there. You can buy, toys, groceries, I can I can't and other beverages, along with your prescription. They even sell ice cream bars, so here's my nifty idea! Combine an Ice Lolly with a pharmacy product - enter the Pootsicle!

It's a flavoured frozen lolly on a stick (or not) just like a popsicle. However it helps relieve wind (as a "Whizzpopper" etc. see note below) when ingested, and is also nice and cold for those hot summer days. Alternatively, it causes you to "Whizzpop" any way. No one would know of your suffering ailment...unless they happen to be standing in the vicinity when you were enjoying the Pootsicle!

It would be made out of one of those products which releive trapped wind, but ideally frozen "Frobscottle" (which sadly doesn't exist). I guess the Pootsicle wouldn't have to be frozen, it could be just like a normal lolly pop (perhaps made out of those trick sweets you can buy). I like the frozen idea better though. You could have different strength versions....

I'm sure a lot of childen would spend their pocket money on these things for humourous effect...

To market this you wouldn't want to appear too crude. I liked 'Popsicle', but I think 'Pootsicle' is a touch more refined and more original. I don't think any one would buy a 'Fartsicle'.

Perhaps a variant could be tailored to prevent "Whizzpopper's", or Belches, even Hiccups etc.

N.B. This product would be deliberately designed to expel trapped wind as a "Whizzpopper" (or whatever you deem to name them). Expelling trapped wind (with I can I can't etc.) isn't as fun and comes out as a "foulsome belchy burp"!

Belly, Aug 04 2000


       Kind of baked in that ice lollies have already been combined with pharmacy products. The one that I have actually bought is Pedialyte ice lollies - these are children's rehydration salts packaged in ice lolly format.
hippo, Aug 04 2000

       Yes, I admit the concept is not that original (there are lots of products out there which are a cross over between a regular product and a pharmacy one), however that's not the main idea here.   

       I would've called it "Pharmacy-lick"(or something like that) and gone on about all the different products which you could have as Ice Lollies, "Head-Ache-away" suck on this and kiss you migrane good bye, "Foot-o" lick this and say goodbye to your corns.....etc.   

       This is just a crazy product which is lot more fun than taking those awful viscous fluids you can get across the counter.   

       True, it may not be everyones cup of tea....hey, that gives me an idea!   

       (I also have to tip my hat to the great RD & the BFG)
Belly, Aug 04 2000

       Could you make one that causes you to come up with half-baked ideas and call it a Whimsicle?
beauxeault, Aug 04 2000

       I seem to do quite nicely on my own, so it seems. Nice pun. On the increase (?) in brain power theme, perhaps you could make one that would make you pass (100%) any "Test". You could call it....
Belly, Aug 04 2000

       I could do with frozen treat that is specially formulated to keep you from getting (or feeling) what is known as a "brainfreeze" or "ice-cream headache." Then I could eat it as fast as I want.
centauri, Aug 04 2000

       ...the follow up version would be a Trisicle
Belly, Aug 07 2000

       I'd like a Raspberry Whizzpopper Pootsicle.
thumbwax, Sep 27 2000

       If the Pootsicle was shaped like a butt-plug, you could also use it as a NoPootSicle if necessary.
Dingus, Aug 08 2001

       the bean & ham sicle   

       the rice & bean sicle   

       the split pea pop!
Macdaddyx1, Feb 12 2008

       ELI5? Is this like a popsicle but you stick it in your butt?
notexactly, Jan 20 2017


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