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Tune Emitting, Fart sensing pants

Now, EVERYONE knows it was you!
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The various noises of a fart are all considered to be somewhat offensive, this machine, sewn into the lining of underwear, senses someone passing wind and emits a pleasurable tune.

For those who are individualistic, an individual tune could identify them as the culprit. every person could have there own personal tune, so there would be no way to blame it on the dog.

This would also have an added fun factor of 'beat the intro', a competition to figure out who dealt the ominous gas....

One can only hope it doesn't turn into as much of a farce as the novelty ringtone that everyone hates.....

mistro, Feb 08 2006

Joseph Pujol http://en.wikipedia...ki/Le_P%C3%A9tomane
Baked !...."Some of the highlights of his stage act involved playing a flute through a rubber tube in his anus...." [xenzag, Feb 09 2006]


bristolz, Feb 08 2006

       Sorry [mistro] but this is an awful idea. There is a reason that farting is generally considered rude and embarrasing - It has always been a taboo in society, and those who are "proud" of it generally attract praise only from their low-life colleagues who have little better to do. Thus no one would actually spend money on trousers that draw attention to your farts, and for those that enjoy this sort of thing there are countless fart-sensing devices already out there.   

       [-], and welcome to the halfbakery!
Mr Phase, Feb 08 2006

       I'm voting [-] as this sounds like a HB for kids idea. I'm probably going to feel guilty if [mistro] actually turns out to be 12 years old.
hidden truths, Feb 08 2006

       Ha i may not be a twelve year old, but i am a child at heart. although i do see your points, i thought i could see it as a novely socking filler item around christmas time... a joke present for adults with flatulence and a serious present for the budding young fart champion of the world.
mistro, Feb 09 2006

       Note that Joseph Pujol (first link) was a baker.
spidermother, Feb 09 2006

       Years ago, I worked for a guy who showed me his idea for a musical toilet training device that played music in response to toddler farts - he does not appear to have been awarded the patent. Go for it.
aredant, Feb 12 2006

       --Gosh; you got more fishbones than my Rectal Karaoke Machine. Still seems like a good idea tho..
Steamboat, Feb 14 2006


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