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metallic tobacco cigarettes / magnetic ashtrays

magnetic tobacco for use with magnetic ashtrays
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I have an idea of Non-toxic metallic substance put into the tobacco of cigarettes / rolling tobacco during the manufacturing proccess.

This will be for use with metallic ashtrays, with user defined variable magnetism to 'attract' stray ash that falls or normally gets blown away, say, on a windy day in an outdoor cafe.

It could be of great use to cannabis smokers who, towards the end of a large session generally have bad co-ordination. --- turn up the magnetism so you can flick ash anywhere and it will end up in the ashtray.

ebola, Sep 10 2002


       I'll give you a nice clean plus, just for keeping burn marks off my sofa. But I'm a little leery of them metal cigarettes hitting my windshield when flicked out of the car in front of me on I-85. Particularly if it's of the "wacky ferrous tobacky" variety.
Amos Kito, Sep 10 2002

       // Non-toxic metallic substance //   

       That seems rather impossible. btw, stop smoking.
waugsqueke, Sep 10 2002

       I think "ebola" has bigger problems than smoking.
Janjko, Sep 11 2002


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