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Pre-Scooped Ice Cream

Never hassle with a scoop again!
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I thought up this idea the exact minute after one of my friends inadvertently flung some ice cream across a kitchen (mine) onto the clean tile floor (also mine) in his race to pry it out of the container using a metal scoop that was nearly bent off the handle (which was also mine). As I cleaned up the resulting sticky mess, I fumed, fumed, fumed some more, and then I said to myself, "Why can't they make pre-scooped ice cream, dammit?" Here's how it works: the ice cream companies would scoop it, then wrap it in that foil that they use for ice cream bars (you know... the kind that comes off perfectly except for the one little piece that stays and you eventually find it and spit it out, worried that there might be more and swearing never to eat it again but you do anyway next Sunday because hey...it's ice cream), so you can just unwrap them and dump them into a bowl or whatever. How much easier would this make life, everyone?
LadyBialy, Aug 11 2001

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       baked-- I have seen this. It comes in a big plastic bag.
futurebird, Aug 12 2001

       Yeah! Just the other day I bought some ice cream, they scooped it out for me!   

       But seriously, you mean the buy-in-a-supermarket variety, which is also baked. This must have been baked for years because my mother gave me a 'recipe' using the type of ice cream which is "allready scooped into chunks for you". She says she enjoyed it back when she lived in the UK, which was at least thirty years ago.
sdm, Aug 12 2001

       Okay.... In the UK maybe they have this, but not in the US of A. If they do I'm pretty sure that Florida doesn't have it. (I've always liked the UK better anyway; now I know why.)
LadyBialy, Aug 12 2001

       Aren't we getting a bit lazy here? I have the solution to your problem. Buy a new ice cream scoop!
tigerwren, Aug 13 2001

       Those limp-wristed, namby-pamby Floridians are a bunch of crybabies! They've got sunshine, beaches, hurricanes, Disney World, alligators, fleeing Cubans, now they want pre-scooped ice cream. Of all the nerve ; )   

       Do what [tigerwren] suggested, and you could probably turn up the temperature in your freezer a bit, too. Try to use the Fahrenheit or Celsius scale, not Kelvin! Ice cream is not supposed to be a weapon, for crying out loud.
Canuck, Aug 13 2001

       what if the scoops were in a large egg carton.? You just open the carton grab your scoop and there you are.
namby, Aug 13 2001

       Have you ever been to one of those ALL YOU CAN EAT -$5- restraunts. They usually have a desert area with an ice cream scoop stored in hot water near by. I think that pretty much bakes the heated ice cream scoop idea. Although you could still market such a product to the gullible: "heated ice cream scoop, just add hot water!"
sdm, Aug 13 2001

       Re: Heated Ice Cream Scoops   

       My mum always used to pour a little bit of water from the kettle over the ice cream scoop before dishing out dessert, so this is kind of baked. However, this requires actually boiling a kettle and - in the spirit of 1/2B overengineering - I'm all for the gadgetry of wired-up electrically heated scoops. They could work on the same principle as those travel thingys that you plug in and stick in a cup of cold water to boil it up for a cup of tea. More toys!
Guy Fox, Aug 13 2001

       Alternativly if you leave the icecream open on the side for about 2 minutes it will soften a little and you should be able to scoop it out fine.
CasaLoco, Aug 13 2001

       We Floridians already have ice cream that can stand up to the Florida sun. Look for "Dippin' dots". Little beads of ice cream that don't melt until they touch something that isn't ice cream.
StarChaser, Aug 13 2001

       We have those Dippin Dots in Utah, too
AfroAssault, Aug 14 2001

       I'm up by KSC; that's the only place you can get those little dots, but my Publix is stocked by the lowest bidder, so I wouldn't know if you can get them anywhere else. Oh, and I've tried the "leave it out two minutes" method, but in Florida you get soup if you do that.
LadyBialy, Aug 14 2001

       the heated ice cream scoop is baked. when i used to live in the US i remember receiving "Sharper Image" catalogs, and i DISTINCTLY remember (being an overweight pre-teen) an ice cream scoop that had some sort of substance inside that conducted heat very well. it would transfer the heat from your hand (holding the handle of course) to the scoop-part.
xunshin, Aug 14 2001

       In the UK, we have been able to buy ice cream in blocks for years. You just cut off however much you need with a knife.
Mayfly, Aug 14 2001

       Hi there i think your idea is a bit pointless.. i mean why not just heat your spoon? also i think your a bit of a wanker how could your friend have thrown your ice cream across the room?!?! why do you care? you should have just eaten his....
SpoonMaster, Feb 11 2003


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