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Pre-censored T-shirts

Subliminal protest against censorship
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Sometimes on TV you can see that something has been censored out, often by blurring or applying a 'large pixel' effect.
This is often in pop-videos or to cover up a word or image on a T-shirt.
I propose the creation of T-shirts designs with this effect applied already, making the design almost, but not completely illegible. What should it be? I put forward for consideration the word "Censored".
Loris, Sep 24 2002

Sex Pixels T-Shirt http://www.firebox....ion=product&pid=586
Coming back at the idea from the other direction [kmlabs, Sep 16 2005]

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       So a bikini top could be two pink squares.
FarmerJohn, Sep 24 2002


       If not the word 'censored' then perhaps the words 'free speech' with only the word 'free' obscured?   

       culture:profanity indeed.
BigBrother, Sep 24 2002

       I like this - it's semi baked though, I think...   

       I seem to remember Slash from (then) Guns n Roses wearing a t-shirt emblazoned with:   

       Fuck C****rship   

       Also, see link for a variation on the theme...
kmlabs, Sep 16 2005


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