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Website to help target potential customers for Barking control products
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Does your neighbor's dog bark non stop or disturb your sleep?
Log on to myneighborsdog.com and give us your neighbor's address.
We'll mail them LOT's of information about our latest Barking Control products and coupons.
We'll be sure to mention our friendly payment plans and if enough of your other neighbors also log a complaint, we'll even send a salesman by.

If you don't have the exact address, just give us a general street location, You may not be the first to contact us regarding your neighborhood problem.

Zimmy, May 03 2006

(???) 'He suffering a lot and I don't know what to do...' http://www.youtube....arch=neighbor%20dog
Or, you go to acting class... [Ehrm, May 05 2006]

Ultrasonic mode for this one http://www.ultimatebarkcontrol.com/
For [NotTheSharpestSpoon] I found it, but I still have no Idea how to access my history on Yahoo. [Zimmy, May 05 2006]

DIY electro magnetic pulse gun kit... ala [2 fries] Vortex_20de_20Graff
[2 fries shy of a happy meal, Jul 22 2017]


       + Although I don't think this is aggressive enough, it's a start. There is an irritating, yelping dog in my hearing range even though our houses are quite far apart. When I am out working on my property and this dog starts in, I retaliate with REAL loud music booming from my house, usually something with a heavy bass line, reggae, rock, or some world music with lots of drumming.   

       After awhile, the dog seems to stop, or I just don't hear it anymore.
xandram, May 03 2006

       [xandram], that doesn't sound very neighbourly.
Texticle, May 04 2006

       You rather have someone poison your doggie [Texticle]?
methinksnot, May 04 2006

       [methinksnot] chocolate can kill dogs.
Zimmy, May 04 2006

       Hence my question to [Texticle] (if that is his/her real name).
methinksnot, May 04 2006

       Could myneighborsstereo.com sell electromagnetic pulse gun kits, for the neighbors of xandram?
jutta, May 04 2006

       I'd buy them as a deterrent (leave the conspicuously-sign-written cardboard box by my front door a couple of days).
methinksnot, May 04 2006

       Ther are ways to train a dog not to bark (much). Maybe along with the bark collar stuff, send info on classes to train your dog.   

       Note: We tried those collars on our dog for awhile and it worked at first then he learned to keep growling *just* under the zap range until the battery ran out. Once phase one of his plan was completed (battery dead), he would start right up again. Damn dog, isn't he so smart? <sickening dog owner baby voice> Yes he is, he really is, my little doggie genius. <sdobv>
NotTheSharpestSpoon, May 04 2006

       I had about 4 in-canine (inhumane) ideas in my mind before I posted this. One of the more recent ideas in barking control is a device that emits high frequency sound that annoys a dog, directly after thier bark, (dogs being able to hear sound beyond the range of human hearing) each time it barks.   

       I think the idea is that it conditions the dog into thinking: I bark, something I don't like happens; Maybe I shouldn't bark so much.   

       when I was little, I had a Beagle. We had no idea how to stop him from barking/howling - we tried every thing we could think of. I felt so bad for our neighbors & I'm sure the neighbors were not so empathetic towards us. (when we were on vacation, one of my neighbors tried to kill my dog.)
Zimmy, May 04 2006

       I've seen the sonic collars but they make a noise I can hear (and I'm pretty hard of hearing) instead of beyond human range. I found it to be more disturbing than the bark. Do you have a site with the ultra sonic ones, [Zimmy]?
NotTheSharpestSpoon, May 04 2006

       I saw one earlier today before posting the idea that allowed you to switch between human audible & human inaudible. I'll try & find it.
Zimmy, May 04 2006

       dammit. I'm too buzzed to figure out how to access my "history" on yahoo.(If you get friendly w/ the moderators, they might share their 5$ crack w/ you.) The one's I've been able to find are nothing so potentially helpful as what I looked at earlier when the sun was high in the sky.   

       I'll admit that that neighbor had no idea what the retribution would be for hurting a 12 year old boy's dog was. I wish I was able to do more. (too bad he had to brag to someone my dad worked with about the fait accompli (spelling sucks I know).)
Zimmy, May 04 2006

       I'm starting to get this suspicion that my dog barks more than I thought when I'm out of the house - sidewise comments by neighbours, hearing him at a distance, that sort of thing. If this is the case, they would do well to talk to me about it and I'll see what I can do. If they aren't comfortable with talking to me this website could be helpful, but the thing is I probably wouldn't buy any of the products until someone had told me that there actually is a problem.
wagster, May 04 2006

       Wagster - I've heard your dog and I'm probably 400 miles from your house.... the salesmen are on their way ! For the whole idea of dispatching salesmen as a deterrent +
xenzag, May 04 2006

       Hm. Wagster, would it be possible for you to make the first step, visit the neighbors, and introduce them to the dog? Tell them that you're working on setting up your life with the dog, and that their feedback (and well-being) is important to you.   

       Many people are shy, or are afraid of dogs, or don't want to be seen as hating dogs, or as complaining; and sometimes it's hard to find the source of a sound, or have a reasonable conversation while you're underslept and angry. It's really nice to know that someone actually cares!
jutta, May 04 2006

       To make things clear, firstly, I am a Dog Lover! Currently I am only 2 Cats Mad, but for most of my past I've had 2 dogs and 2 cats. My dogs would bark if someone pulled into the driveway or another animal was around. I feel sorry for the yelping dog owned by my neighbor and my music is to alert the owner that the dog needs some attention.( I think the dog is kept in a pen and yelps for hours!) That is not very nice. ps- I live in a rural area with lots of space between houses, but unfortunately the sound carries real far.
xandram, May 04 2006

       [phlish] I like it.....I also like dogs more than people some of the time!
xandram, May 04 2006

       added link for [NTSS].
Zimmy, May 05 2006

       [jutta] - they know and (I think) like both me and the dog. I shall merely ask them if my dog has been barking and they can tell me. I shall also look for a dog walker now that we have to leave him alone for a few days every week - if he's barking it'll be through boredom.
wagster, May 05 2006

       [wags], I think that if the neighbors know you, they always have the option of knocking on your door and engaging in a peaceful discussion. It's when you don't know the neighbors, I guess (sadly, a common malady here) that frustrations run higher.   

       I wasn't really bothered by the barking I heard the other day so much. It was just an excuse to end a bad day working early. Afterwards I started thinking that I really deserved much more in the cosmic balance of things on the loud dog barking scale of things. It made me remember how we as a family (when I was a kid) all agreed that, there being a family on a farm that wanted to have a beagle, and us not being able to stop him from barking, that we all might be better off with our dog on that farm. (where he stayed for a year after our house fire.)   

       I just kept thinking the other day that I wish there would have been another way. Now it seems that there might be, though too late for that time when I was young. (now that I've gone on & on w/ my sorrow, I think it's high time for me to be off to flickr & look at that insect porn again.)
Zimmy, May 06 2006

       Try the Super Bark Free if you want something that emits a loud noise when dogs bark. I got one but didn't give it a chance. Not sure if it's worth a hoot.   

       As for the web site idear, I suggest hooking it up to a real estate web site so that you can locate problem houses in the neighborhood of a house that's for sale. Or pump the addresses into a google earth mash-up so that folks can look up addresses that way.
luxlucet, May 08 2006

       & now being the confused owner of two new Shih Tzu puppies, I submit, What the hell do I know? I'ts like being a new parent all over again.
Zimmy, May 14 2006

       //Shih Tzu// Gesundheit.
SledDog, May 14 2006

       For a fee, myneighborsdog.com will send a truck to their house at 3am. A spotlight illuminates the house. Huge speakers mounted atop the truck blast them out of bed with amplified recorded sounds of dobermans and rottweilers barking their heads off, followed by a calm message: "The dog at <insert address here> has recently been disturbing the neighbors with barking." All up and down the block, people lean out their windows and shout "We're mad as hell and we aren't going to take it any more." You smile and go back to sleep.
SledDog, May 14 2006

       //Could myneighborsstereo.com sell electromagnetic pulse gun kits//   

       Oh, how I wish.
Zimmy, Mar 08 2008

       <crosses arms and nods head sharply>   


       [xandram] //I retaliate with REAL loud music...After awhile, the dog seems to stop, or I just don't hear it anymore.// Time to stop if you hear a loud ringing instead of the dog. No sense adding injury to insult.
Whistlebritches, Jul 23 2017

       // confused owner of two new Shih Tzu puppies, I submit, What the hell do I know? I'ts like being a new parent all over again. //   

       No, you're wrong. It's much, much worse than that. Tzu remain naughty, clever, inquisitive toddlers for their whole lives, which is a long time.
8th of 7, Jul 23 2017

       Not necessarily...
MaxwellBuchanan, Jul 23 2017

       I was hoping this was a porn site. :(
bob, Jul 28 2017

       You mean the Halfbakery? Well, it is, in a way, but your concept of Rule 34 has to be pretty broad.
normzone, Jul 28 2017


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