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Remote Timer

Remote or Timer for Heater, Defrost, and AC
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Yes, wouldn't it be wonderful if you could have your car heater or AC turn on so it would be comfortable before you get in your car?

Esp. for the winter, to be able to have your car windows defrosted before you strike out early in the AM.

Now the defrost would save some accidents because we don't want to be late for work or church.

In the summer, the AC would be great, so we wouldn't sweat in our clothes before going to work and waiting for the AC to setup.

We don't want to start up the heater or AC and go back in the house, because someone could steal our car.

Susan L. Curtin Susan_Curtin1@msn.com

Yesme, Nov 28 2000


       "Yesme" -- you appear to be having some technical difficulty with your posts -- you don't need to type in "Car:Gadget" or "Culture:Instrument", just select it from the drop box. The title should be a descriptive name, like "A/C-Heater Timer" or somethin....
danrue, Nov 28 2000

       I like this idea -- here in Arizona, an independent motor to run the A/C prior to getting in and starting up the car would be great!
danrue, Nov 28 2000

       [Admin: renamed idea, sent email about it.]
jutta, Nov 28 2000

       Look at a remote starter. like the keyless entry systems, you press a buttton on a remote control and it starts the car up. If someone gets in the car and the brake pedel is pushed without the key in the on position, the engine shuts off to prevent theft.
dtstyle, Jul 31 2002

       I still don't see any automakers offering a defroster timer. If my $30 coffee maker has a timer, why shouldn't my car? I like the a/c angle also as it would be nice to step into a car upon leaving work that was not 175d F inside. (if you leave the windows cracked it is guaranteed to rain)
Zimmy, Nov 02 2003

       This is baked in the form of remote starters like [dtstyle] said.... My friend has a crazy alarm system that has a tiny cellphone looking remote, it works like a typical alarm remote... It also controls the remote starting and pages him if anything happens to his car. If he wants his car warmed up and tosty inside he simply turns the heater on before he leaves. Then the next day he only has to start his car via remote while he is getting ready... Easy as that.
KLRico, Nov 02 2003

       I saw on tv that the new BMW 7 series' fancy I-Drive system can be programmed to start up the engine at a preset time and warm the car up. As it has a climate control system it should be able to cool the car down too.
squigbobble, Jan 15 2004


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