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Compartmentalised Shopping Trolley

Shopping trolley with various sections for various food types
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Meet Kate. Kate often goes shopping at the Big I stores that now populate this great ficticious land. However, Kate discovered that by the time she'd gone up and down the aisles at the Big I, her favourite Mackies honey-comb ice-cream had melted, and her vegetables and fruit had been bashed by heavy poultry. The solution? A compartmentalised shopping trolley.

There will be various sections for food, including a freezer section with a special cool-bag built in; a fruit and veg tray, that is attached to the handle and extends forward, but can be swung out of the way to put items into the main section; a clothes rack so that you can avoid all the bother of ironing them before wearing; and small, durable compartment for eggs, to ensure that they don't break.

[ sctld ], May 21 2002

(?) Shopping Cart Theft http://www.poynter....gmeeting/030602.htm
[dag, May 22 2002]

(?) Luggage cart dispensers http://www.bradleya...vices/special.shtml
A poor picture of what [[ sctld ]] is talking about. [phoenix, May 22 2002]

(?) Smarte Carte http://www.smarteca...tekeyincentive.html
Much better example. [phoenix, May 22 2002]


       Croissant for the merest mention of Mackies. Mmmmm creamy.
mcscotland, May 21 2002

       [po] I quote from thumbwax:
"Jealous, jealous, jealous!"
[ sctld ], May 21 2002

       quite right too [sctld] the idea is good, its Kate thats driving me nuts!
po, May 22 2002

       What is it about Kate, exactly, that annoys you so?
[ sctld ], May 22 2002

       Don't forget the trolley should have a dodgy wheel so that it falls over and everything falls out when you go round a corner. Being as I don't have a freezer and don't eat poultry, I shall laugh at Kate.
pottedstu, May 22 2002

       While I think people should use the common sense approach to save Frozen Items for last - dairy next to last - meats prior in order to preserve freshness best as possible, I wish I'd posted the idea for compartments when I thought of it. I'm jealous, jealous, jealous.
thumbwax, May 22 2002

       The problem is that, no matter how carefully you plan your shopping order (heaviest items at the bottom etc), when you get to the checkout, that order will have to be reversed...   

       so croisant for the possible solution..
yamahito, May 22 2002

       A supermarket in England (Waitrose, part of John Lewis group) offers durable bags, some with coolbag-style padding, which fit in the trolley making segments. You can go round the shop with a zapper thing for the barcodes and you don't have to go through the checkout at the end. they just put the zapper in a thing and the whole receipt comes out. then you pay. I suppose it relies on you being honest.
sappho, May 22 2002

       I look forward to seeing these shopping trollys being pulled from the canals and rivers up and down this, or indeed any other, green and pleasant land.
chronic irony, May 22 2002

       Solution for Kate, take two people, split up at the entrance to the supermegastore (bring a watch, or perhaps two way radio system to find each other again). Divide the list by section, it will only take half as long so nothing melts. Maybe "Kate" is just lonely and looking for someone at the supermegastore? She sounds nice though.
rbl, May 22 2002

       Blissmiss: Not all shops have the hand-haled bar-code readers, in fact most still go for the person at the counter style apporach.
[ sctld ], May 22 2002

       Someones jealous of Kate...
[ sctld ], May 22 2002

       sounds like Kate's in there (see rbl's anno - wahey!)
yamahito, May 22 2002

       Who the hell is Kate?
waugsqueke, May 22 2002

       Seems like the extra doodads on the cart (trolley) would add a bit of weight. It will have to be self propelled - at least 150 hp. Also, you would have to arm the employees who round up the carts from the parking lots to make sure these things don't get stolen. It would be sold on the black supermarket...
dag, May 22 2002

       Or you can just trust people enough to have no need for the arms. Arms which will drive away customers.   

       Besides, it won't be that much heavier. Who says that shopping trolleys have to be made from metal any way? Why not a light-weight molded plastic? Or fiberglass, or normal glass. Now theres an idea.
[ sctld ], May 22 2002

       How about asbestos? I lie awake at night worrying about spontaneously combusting shopping trolleys...   

       Or an origami shopping trolley? One good way to re-use paper.
yamahito, May 22 2002

       baked-ish.almost all Uk trollies have a compartment at the front for damagable items. some even have a nifty slot for cut flowers.   

       i like the freezer idea but it would be impossible to do, far to expensive and they would get nicked too.
ferret, May 22 2002

       Those comparments were part of the inspiration for this. I felt we needed more of them. As for the freezer section, probably more of a stitched in cool-bag as opposed to a large cfc monster.
[ sctld ], May 22 2002

       Most of the carts at the Target store chains in the US are plastic and are quite nice.   

       You can't just trust people not to steal the carts. It cost the retail industry around $800 million a year as it is.   

       I like the cool bag Idea for deli meats, the deli always seems to be right when you walk in. Still would like to see some horsepower in this somehow.
dag, May 22 2002

       Well, you attach one of those things where they are all chained togehter, and you have to use a poundto unchain them, but when it is re-chained, you get your pound back.
[ sctld ], May 22 2002

       There's no word for what the thing is, but they were quite popular with places like Sainsbury's during the 90's.
[ sctld ], May 22 2002


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