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Pro-wrestlin' World Cup

Lets Settle Who's The Baddest
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Okay we ALL know Pro-Wrestling is predetermined, but what if, just like football (soccer), they had an inter company Wrestling World Cup every four years. WWF, WCW and ECW could take part, with smaller companies taking part upon qualification. The "host" company is decided, just like football, on a rotational basis. These guys are actually excellent athletes so the matches could be won by JUDGING a la Miss World. This would minimise the fixing of the outcomes and would spotlight wicked performances as well as show up company-hyped mediocracy. Bring it on!
ponda_baba, Jun 27 2000


       World cup? Only the USA seems to be interested in this ludicrous "sport". National championship maybe...   

       That's like having a "World series" in baseball... oh- you have one of those already?
ashworth, Jun 27 2000

       Mexico, Japan and others participate in rasslin'. Anyone remember Big Daddy?
ponda_baba, Jun 27 2000

       I remember Big Daddy - but he was a fat bloke from Yorkshire who's real name was Shirley Crabtree. A bit different from the WWF stuff...
ashworth, Jun 27 2000

       I spoke with The Undertakers old pal Paul Bear...He said "Oooohhh Yyesssss"
thumbwax, Oct 05 2000


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