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Pro Wrestling Expeditor

Professional Wrestling Expeditor
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What does a factory do when production slows? They hire an expeditor.

What does an expeditor do? He improves effficency and speed.

Professional wrestling is great but it needs to be improved. I propose we replace referees with expeditors. The expeditors will be educated on the "rules" of professional wrestling as referees are; only, the expeditors do what they can to make the match more efficient. For example, if a wrestler flies out of the ring the expeditor throws him back in.

redemptionn8, Mar 16 2005


       It doesn't seem like it would increase efficiency to replace the referee with an expediter. Wouldn't he have to leave the ring to throw someone back in? Perhaps a pair of expediters, one in the ring and one out, could assist the referee instead of replacing him.
jaksplat, Mar 16 2005

       BTW, welcome to the Halfbakery.
jaksplat, Mar 16 2005

       [Po] wrestling expeditor? I'm all for it!
zeno, Mar 16 2005

       If you mean genuine wrestling then fair enough, but if you mean Pro Wrestling as in the WWE then **shame on you**. It isn't wrestling, it's choreographed stuntsmanship with elements of improvisation.   

       This may be considered baked as 'special guest referees' sometimes crop up on the aforementioned cack. They are generally other wrestlers that happen to get involved in the fight as well.
Jinbish, Mar 16 2005

       I, for one would like nothing better than to see a "pro" wrestler interrupted in mid rant, with perhaps a face slap from the expediter. Now....who would be the ideal expeditor?
crater, Mar 16 2005

       While the idea of wrestling expeditors is acceptable, I have to take exception to your first statement regarding factories and expeditors.   

       After more than twenty years in the manufacturing world, it's my experience that an outfit hires expeditors in an attempt to compensate for a poorly structured system of flow, usually when the organization is too hidebound to consider changing it's method of flow.   

       And it's usually nothing to do with slow production. Expeditors usually work to move priority jobs ahead of the normal flow.
normzone, Mar 16 2005

       //...who would be the ideal expeditor?//   

       Richard Simmons?
jaksplat, Mar 16 2005

       "You grunt, I'll Groan' I believe that this was Jackie Pallow's Autobiography.
gnomethang, Mar 16 2005


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