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Programmable Coffee Mug

To use with a programmable coffee dispenser, of course
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A coffee mug with a programmable memory chip to store an Indvidual's preferences on how they want their coffee made. Instead of annoying the barista (and everyone standing behind you in line) with your ridiculously long and specific instructions on how you want your coffee, you just put your cup into a programmable dispenser that preps the coffee to your specification. The chip might hold a few different programs in case you prefer something different on different days of the week.

Almost but not completely unrelated: Barber shops used to keep a separate shaving mug / soap / brush for each of their regular customers. The idea was supposedly to promote customer loyalty. But there was also a (possible mistaken) belief that skin rashes and other irritations were spread from shared soap & brushes - so everybody needed their own.

The coffee mug idea came to me while looking at an old barber's shaving mug rack in an antique shop.

a1, Oct 17 2022

Jarvis, I'd like my Monday morning usual please... https://www.youtube...watch?v=G2iAGuRvN1w
[a1, Oct 17 2022]

(?) RFID for re-useable cups https://turnsystems...p-system-for-cities
Trying to reduce coffee-cup-rubbish [neutrinos_shadow, Oct 17 2022]

“ But... do we 'want' the barista to be obsolete? That's the question.” https://www.gocomic...tstantis/2022/10/26
[a1, Oct 26 2022]


       How would you select different types of coffee at the last minute? Would you have to carry 10 different mugs with you? Or would it be bristling with screens or buttons? Or would it have a bluetoothe interface to your phone? Could hcakers change your order at the last minute?   

       Also, I think I would avoid any coffee produced by a programmable dispenser
pocmloc, Oct 17 2022

       // How would you select different types of coffee at the last minute //   

       I think most people get into a rut and have their coffee the way every day - or at most have a just a couple variations. So I might put my mug into the vending machine and a touchscreen lights up with my pre-programmed choices. Maybe the mug just needs to contain my user ID and all of my preferred recipe's are stored in the coffee shoo's computer or company cloud server.   

       // I would avoid any coffee produced by a programmable dispenser //   

       Sure, so would I. But this is for the rubes.
a1, Oct 17 2022

       There are coffee cups (from coffee shops) with RFID chips, but only to track them for re-use.
Adding your coffee preference to the chip would work (I'm not sure how "re-programmable" RFIDs are...), but would require the coffee machine to be upgraded to match. Not that an RFID reader would take up much space in the base of the machine. Coffee machines these days seem to be able to do everything except wash your laundry; hacking this together would be a good project for some-one who has skills in that direction (ie. not me).
neutrinos_shadow, Oct 17 2022

       // Adding your coffee preference to the chip would work //   

       More I think about it, the more I'm sure all the mug needs is a customer ID. Their preferences would live in the coffee vendor's customer database without having to reprogram the chip. Same as any other online vendor that knows what kind of computer I have, what kind of socks I wear, where I live, my wife and kid's birthdays, etc...   

       Coffee preferences are more important to track than any of that other trivia...
a1, Oct 17 2022

       I thought this would be a programmable mug to tell the barista what you want without having to speak.   

       [2_fries] That was pretty close to my original intent. But it mutated into something that also made the barista obsolete. Like Jarvis (link).
a1, Oct 18 2022

       But can it program _2_ cups of coffee...
RayfordSteele, Oct 18 2022

       ^ heh   

       But... do we 'want' the barista to be obsolete? That's the question.
How many times can you tell your insentient mug, "No fucking pumpkin spice!" before you smash it on the curb?

       // How many times can you tell your insentient mug, "No fucking pumpkin spice!” //   

       You tell the mug what you like - just once - and it won’t persist in suggesting otherwise. Assuming Jarvis and his ilk don’t start offering sales suggestions as part of the robot apocalypse.
a1, Oct 18 2022

       Like, a lot.
blissmiss, Oct 19 2022

       This is the kind of thing IOT and smart objects should be about. The list is endless. -Your phone telling your car seat how you want it -a ring that tells PCs how you like your desktop -a floor that tells your AR glasses where it's wet so the glasses can highlight the spot -A milk jug that complains to your refrigerator which tells your phone to tell you to pick up milk when you're actually in the milk isle or add it automatically to your delivery list when it's time -a document that knows which physical folder it's supposed to be in -A can of beans that shuffles over to the trash can when pressure has increased. Or at least gives an audible warning -A pair of pants that tell you they're wearing thin so may rip sometime soon   

       and on and on. Light switches that talk to your phone and "smart" thermostats don't even start to address the possibilities.
Voice, Oct 29 2022


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