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Putting On Her Face

First, laser-scan the face, and then fire up the 3D printer...
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The title and subtitle present the gist of this Idea. You scan the face so that the full-color 3D-printed mask can be a perfect fit. The mask even has microscopic holes in it so the skin can breathe. The outside of the mask can be the woman's ideal image of herself --or any other face she wants to wear. Nefertiti, Neferteri, Helen of Troy, Cleopatra....

For clarification (per one of the annotations), I'm talking about making a very thin mask in a 3D printer, and then the woman puts on the mask. I'm fully aware that the mask needs to be flexible; I'm assuming that relevant materials can be 3D-printed, even though most such printers today do not feed such materials through their print-heads.

Vernon, May 05 2015


       When I thought of this, I also thought that perhaps this could be the "killer app" that makes 3D printing go "mainstream"....
Vernon, May 05 2015

       When you say 3D-printed mask, are you talking about a mask made out of typical 3D printing material like rigid plastic? I don't envision that catching on.
scad mientist, May 05 2015

       It would be hypocritical to accept makeup but not this.
Voice, May 05 2015

       [+] Easily (in HB terms) accomplished. For a colour mask (ie: no contour chages) just apply skin cream on the bottom, layer dry particles of makeup colour, and apply clearcoat (shiny or dull) to the top. For contour changing, I'm guessing rubber (or a hard plastic, depending) could be applied, in between the base coat and the clearcoat.   

       I'm not sure how it would be made breathable though.
FlyingToaster, May 05 2015

       I don't think "breathable" is possible without adding energy for the transport of air and water.
Voice, May 05 2015

       You could do away with the mask. Just have an inkjet printhead mounted on a 3-axis system, to apply liquid makeup precisely.
MaxwellBuchanan, May 05 2015

       Preheated by the Jetsons, m'lord.   

       Probably going to have to be some non-allergenic soy product or something.
normzone, May 05 2015

       I too was thinking along the same lines as Max.
Loris, May 06 2015

       What's the rubber that Hollywood uses?
RayfordSteele, May 06 2015

       For material: the resin concoction that makes Lenin steadily the same age?
4and20, May 07 2015


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