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robot clothes

a easy way to get new clothes whithout paying
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The new robot clothes come in 12 types baby boy, baby girl, toddler boy, toddler girl, young man, young women, teenager boy, teenager girl, grown up boy, grown up girl and elder boy, elder girl. These robot clothes grow up around you in different types and all different types represent different things so if you're a boy your clothes colours would have things you would want as a boy. And by age the sizes are different.

And if you're very old it fits to your wrinkles without you having to pay a penny.

So just tell your clothes the name of the designer, then pick from all of their dresses or t-shirts, click it and then it will attach to you like a seed and then grow up around you.

There is a special button where you can turn it off, or if you're an elder you might get your butler to do it.

crash, Oct 10 2007

Nanotech in Fashion: The Trend in New Fabrics http://www.npr.org/...php?storyId=3892457
Not quite the same thing, but perhaps a way of making it work? [Dub, Oct 13 2007]


       This sounds nice, but do you have any clue of how it could actually work?
BJS, Oct 10 2007

       Are there cheat-codes? Although it would be great (for some people) to be able to hack into someone else's clothes while they are on the bus, the owner would want to be sure that their clothes obeyed only their commands.
zen_tom, Oct 10 2007

       I think it need bluetooth so you can swap outfits at a party.
wagster, Oct 10 2007

       "Girdle mode, activate."   

       hmmmm, not gonna hide the donuts and bulges either. not sure I like this.
dentworth, Oct 10 2007

       Oh it'll do that just fine [dentworth]. If anyone can figure how to build it...
wagster, Oct 10 2007

       I think [crash] has learned to use spell check (+)
normzone, Oct 10 2007

       Do these robot clothes have an option to turn you into Voltron (obviously Lion-Voltron, not the other one)?
Brett-Blob, Oct 11 2007

       (whithout) sp
xenzag, Oct 11 2007

       I think [crash] had to get to school in a hurry and dictated it to someone who can spell.
wagster, Oct 11 2007

       hi, [crash], nice to see you around again. i think we're going to need a little more information on the "How" of your robot clothing. For instance, when the seed of a robot gets stuck to you, what then prompts it to "grow?" i don't know of any robots that grow. but if you can show us how that is possible, then i will stick this seed of a bun to your idea and a bun will grow up around your idea. OK? : )
k_sra, Oct 11 2007

       ..and then Mr Benn arrived with his notorious phrase...?
skinflaps, Oct 11 2007

       As if by magic... the shopkeeper appeared?
zen_tom, Oct 11 2007

       Correct. No prize, just give yourself a slap on the back.
skinflaps, Oct 11 2007

       But don't dislocate your shoulder.
wagster, Oct 11 2007

       //But don't dislocate your shoulder // Not if your wearing your 'Robot Clothes', badaboom pish . . . thanks folks I'll be here all week.
Brett-Blob, Oct 12 2007


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