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Shadow Puppet Presidential Address

Once yearly, pending "more more"
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Presidential addresses. Listening to them has become a dispiriting time out of time otherwise better spent doing almost anything else. Offering only the insipid blandishment and forgettable pap of a dedicated corps of professional ivy league creative writing types, teleprompted to you via speech and thought mechanisms almost entire wrung dry of any expressiveness by another dedicated team of lawyers, consultants, and party elders. How to redeem them even a little?

Once yearly, it shall be required of the administration to place their foremost before the public and press, on podium in a suitably darkened room, before a white screen. The president will provide a hand shadow puppet accompaniment to his address. This would encourage, in fact demand, some level of genuine, considered, participation in the proceedings by the speaker. It might also draw far greater numbers of otherwise disinterested youth into the affair, promoting a healthier democracy. Anthropomorphic caricature encouraged of course.

mysediments_exactly, Nov 25 2010


       Shadowpuppetry could be a subset of a "Whose Line..." style presidential address arts medium selection.
calum, Nov 25 2010


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