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Quad colored socks

Four pairs in one
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Take a tube woven of some foot friendly fabric and tie it off at the end with neat, tiny tassels. It looks like a three foot sausage skin. One half is red, and the other half blue (for the sake of argument). Stuff the red half into the blue half and you have a blue sock. When you are in the mood for red stuff the blue half into the red half to get a red sock. Next day you open one of the tassels and turn the inside out. Now you have green and yellow halves for more sock fashion.
On a really cold day you stuff the tube with some crumbled old newspaper. When you fold the sock in the paper gets between the layers and offers additional warmth and comfort.
Caught with short pants in a cold wind? Open one tassel and slip inside without folding to get more coverage for your leg.
kbecker, Sep 11 2003


       And now, to complete his ensemble, [kbecker] will don a kilt, a leather jacket trimmed with chainmail, and a wizard's hat!   

       "That's a nightgown. Muggle WOMEN wear them, Charlie." "I'll keep it. I like a nice breeze 'round my privates, thanks."   

       + anyway. This could be useful as long underwear during the winter in a pinch.
Eugene, Sep 11 2003

       The Quad Model quad sock, anyway.
Eugene, Sep 11 2003

       is there room for my toes in my shoes with all those tassles and stuffing going on. i aplaud the versitility though
pechewarinum, Sep 12 2003

       //It looks like a three foot sausage skin.//
<Male Chorus/>Ja, I've got one of those.</Male Chorus>
thumbwax, Sep 12 2003

       love the quote eugene--one o' my favorites!
benlevi7, Sep 12 2003


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