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see-thru socks

mens socks for female sensibilities
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men like to keep their feet warm but women think that a man wearing nothing but his socks looks well frankly ridiculous and so I propose see-thru socks to solve this problem. I have found a material that may suffice. It is used in butterfly netting which seems quite apt: soft, sturdy and see though. These socks would also go quite nicely with sandals. The average UK man I am afraid to say is well-known for this fashion deviation.
po, Mar 10 2002

suggested material for see-thru socks http://www.honduras....com/collecting.htm
soft, strong and fashionable. [po, Mar 10 2002, last modified Oct 05 2004]


       //These socks would also go quite nicely with sandals.

I'm going to have to vote against this for the merest mention of wearing socks and sandals together.
mcscotland, Mar 10 2002

       well all I got was butterfly nets....what did you type? don't answer that. The idea, Peter, was more around the house-casual-wear than job interviews.
po, Mar 10 2002

       less is more - applies to links too apparently, Peter.
po, Mar 10 2002

       [po] Isn't it possible that the gentlemen you've known simply gave you nothing more to think about than what they looked like wearing nothing but socks?
phoenix, Mar 10 2002

       what can I say big p?
po, Mar 10 2002

       and this little piggy went to market... <g>
po, Mar 11 2002

       ...and this little piggy stayed home...   

       I think I just peaked, philosophically speaking.
phoenix, Mar 11 2002


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