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One sock two feet
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This is a woolen tube-style sock that can be worn by both feet. It has no end and no beginning, just two holes for cold feet. The heat is evenly exchanged between the feet.

For a romantic evening, consider two socks four feet.

mylodon, Jan 24 2019

Klein_20Bottle_20Socks [hippo, Jan 24 2019]


Voice, Jan 24 2019

       Presumably, if you weren't sure if it was cold enough to tuck your feet up inside nice warm socks or not, you should wear (Calvin) Klein socks. Also (see link) it's good that we have a "fashion: hosiery: socks: theory" category.
hippo, Jan 24 2019

       While willing to be informed if our facts are incorrect, we suspect there may be Prior Art in this field, relating to a device called a "bag" ...
8th of 7, Jan 24 2019

       so... a tube ?
FlyingToaster, Jan 24 2019

       // It has no end and no beginning //   

       Actually, that implies an interesting topology. It's a torus ? So where are the foot-holes ?
8th of 7, Jan 24 2019

       There's no foot hole. Ergo, you are knitted into the torus at manufacture.
pocmloc, Jan 25 2019

       Sounds comfy for when I prop up my feet for two cups of the same coffee...
RayfordSteele, Jan 25 2019

       // you are knitted into the torus at manufacture //   

       Sounds like the sort of nightmare caused by a fever ...
8th of 7, Jan 25 2019

       Topologically speaking, all humans are toruses, not just those born in May.
MaxwellBuchanan, Jan 25 2019

       This is not a complex topology but I suppose a torus or tube describes it. Or a sock with an ankle hole where the toes would be.
mylodon, Jan 25 2019

       //Topologically speaking, all humans are toruses// That is not however, the optimal orientation for wearing the toroidal sock.
pocmloc, Jan 25 2019

       It could even be a toroidal tube, if I'm imagining it right. And it has one hole AFAICT. Also if I'm imagining it right, it would not be suitable for walking much in.
notexactly, Jan 26 2019


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