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rotor on the end of a rotor on the end of a rotor.
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All smaller recursive motors are powered without wires and digitally controlled, of course.

One of the 16th tips (4x4) of the collective spirocopter rotor is reflective or lit. The sweeping pathway of this blade among it's neutral counterparts gives us our visual brushstroke through the air. I will try and sketch it up.

The four blades means more paths could be traced if each blade had a different light frequency. Just as with spirograph, where the light is placed on the blade gives a different path throw.

Just don't try and touch the beauty.

wjt, Jun 03 2015

Original Spirocoptor http://www.leonardo...a-vinci-helicopter/
Perhaps the main text above needs a picture to better portray the thing described. [Vernon, Jun 03 2015]

Rough Sketch https://www.deviant...rocopter1-848799516
Haven't used the digital pen on this laptop much. [wjt, Jun 04 2015, last modified Jul 15 2020]

Reuleaux lawnmower
Shameless self promotion. See my last annotation of 28 February 2012. [xaviergisz, Jun 04 2015]

Second attempt https://www.deviant...irocopter-848798929
Having difficulty ploting the complex paths [wjt, Jun 06 2015, last modified Jul 15 2020]


       [Vernon] Any mark on the original spirocopter would only trace a circle.
wjt, Jun 04 2015

       That is So not what I pictured from reading the idea.   

       This is basically what I pictured (I had two bladed rotors in my mind), but I was hoping for a more detailed drawing of the path of the tip. It ought to look like the output of a Spirograph.
scad mientist, Jun 05 2015

       [scad] Imagination is always(mostly) better than the reality. I wrote that it was a rough sketch.   

       I though it might be interesting to have articulation between blade tips and next reduced rotor motor. This would displace the marker tip into the 3rd dimension. This would give a level up on Spirograph. The pilot could also play a part if the whole contraption could support flight.
wjt, Jun 05 2015

       [xaviergisz] If flight was possible, an inverted flight path could spectacularly mow a small area of lawn.
wjt, Jun 05 2015

       Had another go but complexity is above my drawing/plotting ability. There must be software.   

       I wonder what the airflow dynamics would be like if the equipment was possible. There would have to be that mechanism that was on the world war one planes to stop the Spirocopter cutting off it's own blades.
wjt, Jun 06 2015

       I wonder if each successive blade could be a different physical field? There are a few to choose from; magnetism, heat, electrical, microfluid flow. sound.
wjt, Jul 12 2020

       // There must be software. //   

       Is that the interrogative ("Does such software exist ?") or the imperative ("Such software is required and thus it is necessary that it be created") ?   

       There is a significant but fundamentally unimportant, trivial, pedantic and irrelevant difference.   

       We still demand an answer, however.
8th of 7, Jul 12 2020

       You know me [8th of 7], not researched interrogative. Whether the time to install, learn and implement is worth the overall goal, is another matter.
wjt, Jul 13 2020


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