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RC Astroplane

Radio Controlled object retriever
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The RC Astroplane is mainly a tank of compressed gas with 6 outlet nozzels for directional control.

It also has a 90 degree rotational arm and a large net which can be rotated.

It can be used for recapturing mishandled tools that an astronaut might wish they had back while watching them slowly drift off into space.

An astronaut inside the space station could simply use a radio controller to chase down the floating tools, position the net to capture them, and then return them back to the space station.

If there happen to be 4 or so of these on the space station, you could play SpaceLacrosse with them, as an added bonus during down time.

Zimmy, Dec 12 2008


       IMHO "an ounce of prevention"
WcW, Dec 12 2008

       Please halfbake SpaceLacrosse seperately, I want to bun it.
Voice, Dec 12 2008

       Do they come in sets of two, like Jaguars, so that you can use the second one to retrieve the first?
normzone, Dec 12 2008


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