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planetary rover treads are multiwell test chambers

nterplanetary rover treads create multiwell test chambers as they travel inkjets make multiple passes to do chemistry of particular value at the time of the event electrochemistry as well as plasma spectra are possible
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I just saw a robot video of a planetary rover

I wonder if the rover treads could drive a path with regular ndentations like a multiwell elisa plate




then the rover could dribble different chemicals at each place as well as do multiple passes to vary concentration much like an nkjet that precisely concentrates the chemical amount

scientists preplan their activities yet having numerous possible variations its a way scientists could do more nteractive research with preplanned procedures

with fizzy dirt a multiwell tread chamber group could detect the particular precise "pH" it fizzes; quotes on "pH" as you'd use a different polar liquid

thinking of electrochemistry a few dissimilar metal pairs that have alternate chemistry when near a third different metal could be like visible chemondicators A Liquid like ammonia attached to a hydrocarbon Ch3(CH2)NH2 or tetrahydrofuran is a possible polar solvent If the rover carried a liter or two of THF it could fill 10,000 test chambers




they could do a really telegenic stunt like inkjet spraying thermite then viewing the mineral spectra kind of like boron bead plasma colors

basically they'd spray a reactive metal as well as a powder oxidant which when they react together would make a plasma spectra with the unique martian minerals

I like the idea of the treads creating reaction chambers it might complement the grab dirt n then process reactors

anyway if a person can think of anything to do with a million [][][][][][][][] standardized separate reaction chambers the rovers treads could do those experiments

If the energy is there you could use a laser to zap the chambers as well whether it is warmth or even to "cure" a polymer fluid at the test chambers

beanangel, May 19 2009

video about rover driver http://www.youtube....watch?v=dJkUw8XS9tI
[beanangel, May 19 2009]


       This is actually good [+]
BunsenHoneydew, May 28 2009

       nice. I especially like the telegenic thermite stunt.
bungston, May 28 2009

       If the wheel can imprint that well-plate pattern into the ground, doesn't that imply that the ground is quite porous?
notexactly, Feb 03 2019

       Although it is good to have multifunction, That's a lot of wiring and plumbing so care would have to be taken that the tire tastebuds don't affect the primary function of moving.   

       Really simple setup experiments might work or even use Rover, dedicated to roll around in the dirt.
wjt, Feb 05 2019


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