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RC Web Cam

Remote Control Car with a Wireless Web Cam
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Its one of those ideas that stuff already exists for but I haven't seen it.

Radio Controlled Car + Wireless Web Cam = Real Car Driving from your computer.

Simply add a wireless web cam to your existing remote control car and make the radio controller interface to a computer. Attach a steering wheel and hey-presto you have a real car racing game.

Drive it in your back garden or yard, or on special tracks. Who knows. Connect to the internet and control cars the other side of the world on custom tracks.

eitsop, Oct 23 2005

Already Done http://algoval.esse...2005/race/race.html
Online and everything. [hidden truths, Oct 23 2005]

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       Ok - I was thinking more about cameras on cars, not an overhead view. More like the driving games then...?   

       But yeah, I agree - already done.
eitsop, Oct 23 2005

       Realtime would be difficult, even my $40/mo internet certainly wouldn't allow me to accurately pilot my T-Maxx
DrMann, Oct 24 2005


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