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Santa Video Game

Get your jolly old elf over here.
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A video game where one starts out as a lowly elf in Santa's Village and works one's way up through the ranks by doing various jobs such as present wrapping, reindeer caretaking and sleigh maintenance. Eventually you will work your way up to "Santa" or some comparable rank and manage the whole operation, as well as going on missions to sneak into houses without being noticed by insomniac kids.
halffinity, Mar 20 2009


       Would you be coached by 'grand master santa' the ways of the elf martial art 'gift chi', allowing ninja like house sneaking and the ability to produce bows from ribbon faster than the human eye?   

       Great opportunity for 'wax on wax off' for the sled runners.
Skrewloose, Mar 20 2009

       I thought I would *be* Santa, and the goal would be to deliver presents to all the nice kids (but not the naughties) before time expires. Like the arcade video game "Paperboy".
phundug, Mar 21 2009

       I agree with phundug. It should be about the massive logistic effort required to visit billions of homes in just 1 night. It would incorporate flight planning, flight simulation, varying weight calculations (remember that this sled is pretty heavy when he starts out), also factoring in the sunrise times around the globe. At the end of the night, you would be penalized for any kids that didn't get presents or any naughty kids who did. Also penalized for delivering presents too early or too late in the night (risk of being discovered during these times). You could get points that you use to buy better GPS computers, better reindeer food, (better reindeer), possibly some teleporation abilities etc.
knowtion, Mar 21 2009


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