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Read’n WEEEE!

An application for phones and tablets that don't let words get in the way of READ’IN!
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Download your favorite reading material, like "Milleskie Was a Haberdasher," and with technology already available today, this magnificent app adds characteristics to each word including but not limited to, physics (i.e. some words are heavier, quicker than other words), role (i.e. is it a friend, or a foe?; good or evil?), characteristics (does it blink, change colors?), environment (is it a part of the landscape? Or is it an interactive part of the game?). Once you get as far into books as you usually do and quit, you have a new reason to click START!

Where was I……. so once you've read close enough to the plot to where you see the book… with a swipe, you can activate certain "game modes." Game mode 1: Find and replace - while reading, the book randomly interchanges words from one sentence into another while you're reading completely making what you just read absolutely nonsensical!

If that doesn't keep your eyes glued, switch to game mode 2: Angry Words! Its verbs vs nouns, verbs find themselves at the mercy of an evil and oppressive dystopia enforced by evil nouns. Send them to a happier place by activating this game mode and the verbs form an alliance and declare war, and they're there to tell them what for! Using the swipe feature, you can hurl verbs at nouns and watch their meaning turn as meaningless as the preface.

Keep fit in Game Mode 3: turn on the Rapid Paragraph Movement (RPM) and try to keep your eyes focused on the random movements intended on testing your eye's limits and enhancing your range of motion (ROM)! If you can make it through the book after all that, you're going to feel amazing, and you're friends will notice too.

jamm3r, Dec 16 2011


       //completely making what you just read absolutely nonsensical// [marked-for-tagline]   

       Now, where was I?
pocmloc, Dec 16 2011

       Fire Chief Beatty* would approve.   

       *Montag's boss, from _Fahrenheit 451_
mouseposture, Dec 16 2011

       We knew that.   

       Remember, "Never apologise, never explain".
8th of 7, Dec 17 2011

       //never apologise, never explain// that would explain the lack of apologies. .... wait, what?   

       Anyways, I'd mfd the post but I'm not too happy with the push to make LCD's e-readers either [ ].
FlyingToaster, Dec 17 2011

       + for // Angry Words
tatterdemalion, Dec 17 2011


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