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RSA Poker

A poker game using RSA token fob
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The RSA token fob that I just received displays a 6 digit number when the button is pressed.

After getting bored with playing the highest number wins game with my colleagues I am proposing a better game.

RSA Token Poker!!

Feel free to correct the heirarchy of hands and add ones that you think should be there but to get it started I offer in order of best to worst hand: 6 of a kind; 5 of a kind; 4 of a kind, 1 pair; 4 of a kind; 2 triple; 1 triple, 1 pair; 1 triple; 3 pair; 2 pair; 1 pair.

Online competition is possible if you register the tokens with a suitable radius server to prevent cheating by using multiple tokens.


Captain_Ignorant, Mar 18 2010

RSA Security Token http://www.rsa.com/node.aspx?id=1156
For those of us who may be ignorant of what this proprietary product is, what it does, and who might have access to one. [jurist, Mar 18 2010]


       Our local R.S.A. hosts poker.
wjt, Mar 18 2010

       Oh, good! Liar's Poker for security wonks.
jurist, Mar 18 2010

       We actually tossed around this idea at work the last few days - funny I should find this here. This is what we've come up with thus far:

       Lowest to Highest
: High Card 156820 ß Where 0 is the highest number, but no actual hand is achieved

       One Pair 115689 ß Any 2 matching numbers but nothing else

       Two Pair 112286 ß Any 2 sets of matching numbers

       3 of a kind 333659 ß Any 3 matching numbers

       Mini Straight 123489 ß Any sequence of 4 digits in consecutive order

       Full house 555660 ß any 3 of a kind + a pair

       4 of a kind 999912 ß Any 4 matching numbers

       3 pair 552244 ß any 3 pairs

       Big straight 123458 ß any sequence of 5 digits in consecutive order

       Double Triple 333666 ß 3 of a kind + 3 of a kind

       Full Mansion 555599 ß 4 of a kind + a pair

       5 of a kind 222220 ß Any 5 matching numbers

       Super Straight 123456 ß Any sequence of 6 digits in consecutive order

       6 of a kind 888888 ß All 6 digits are matching

       We are debating the Wrap Straight - ie 789012 and where that belongs
kreskin, Mar 18 2010

       0 is high? Good as the high card question did come up here. What we now need is a laminated card with the Fob Poker rules that fits in my pass holder and all will be sweet.
Captain_Ignorant, Mar 18 2010

       I just woke up to a "333333" and had to see if this was a real game anywhere. Alas, it's only a halfbaked idea.
daruma, Nov 05 2010

       Watch out for phony "000000"s and "888888"s, which can (probably) be achieved by removing the battery.
phundug, Nov 05 2010

       Have people done the odds on these? Are the odds in line with the ranking of the hands? (I would do this, but it's 1:37am, 6:37am and maybe 4:37am on my various body- clocks).
MaxwellBuchanan, Nov 06 2010


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