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Sleep Mumbler

Pre recorded tape of nonsense to aid sleep
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The sleep mumbler is an audio tape of mumbling non-sense. Sometimes when you are falling asleep nonsensical ideas and mumbling verbal randomness comes to your mind and you drift off to sleep. Why not jump start the process with the Sleep Mumbler. The sleep mumbler is simply a prerecorded tape of your favorite nonsensical mumblings. Set to a low volume, the vocal sounds seem vaguely familiar but do not make much sense. With in time you become tired of trying to pay attention to the sounds and you let your mind go. You'll find yourself drifting off to the sweetness of deep unconsciousness in no time.

Be sure to try our equally effective Yawn looper. A prerecorded tape of yawning, over and over. Yawning and yawning and yawning and yawning.. soon you will be yawning too, and wondering why you did not buy the yawn tape sooner. Whenever you need a good yawn, the yawn looper will take you there. Did you yawn yet? No? Try our sleep mumbler.

IdeallyFourWord, Jun 23 2007

Spare Ass Annie http://www.amazon.c...Tales/dp/B000005HTW
"When I became captain of the dhow, I decided to extend asylum to certain citizens who were persona non grata elsewhere in the area due to their disgusting and disquieting deformities..." [wagster, Jun 23 2007]

Mumbles http://www.mumbles.co.uk/
[po, Jun 24 2007]


       You want to be the mumbler - not the mumblee. I'd go mental if a tape with mumbling voices was on when I tried to go to sleep (favourite or not)!   

       Yawning makes more sense though...
Jinbish, Jun 23 2007

       I had to take a quick nap in a room adjacent to a training center today - figured I only had a few minutes before my own trainer showed up again.   

       My mantra was "Refreshed in five - and the noise is relaxing" over and over. It worked.
normzone, Jun 23 2007

       Try listening to a foreign film with the volume turned down low...sounds like mumbling.
xandram, Jun 23 2007

       Any chance of extending this to a snoring tape? My partner works shifts and when she's not there at night I miss her terribly. If only I could find a snoring tape to listen to which would keep me awake half the night. Could it be recorded as loudly as possible as my hi-fi volume only goes up to '10'. Zzzzzzz!
jethrotull, Jun 23 2007

       Just listen to "Spare-Ass Annie and Other Stories" (link). It's very soporific and full of rubbish.
wagster, Jun 23 2007

       Hmm.. The Mumbler not the Mumblee. Is there a pill for this and if so is it called ambien?
IdeallyFourWord, Jun 24 2007

       Mumbles - some say "the new Notting Hill".   

wagster, Jun 24 2007

       Get it to read random halfbakery pages!   

       Or maybe not.
deep fried ice-cream, Sep 14 2007


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