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Rag cleaner

Toaster sized single or double rag cleaner (also looks a bit like a toaster)
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You spread the rag on the rack catch it by 4 sides and press the button,

The rag gets sprayed like a scanner, removing all the dirt in a few runs, until the water is not dark anymore.

A filter takes the dirt out of the soapy water which is recycled for the next round, and at the same times creates a separated thread of gook which is automatically gathered in a napkin to be thrown out at the end of the process.

It then gives the rag a few "scans" of clear water, which rinses out the soap, and finally, it wrings the rag clean by releasing two of the diagonal sides and then rotating the other two in opposite directions while a ring closes on the rag moving along it, leaving it nice and clean.

The whole process takes about 5 minutes and the rag is then automatically hung up to dry or left damp for immediate re-use.

For another $100 you can also get an internal dryer.

Another $250 will be the cost of a self cleaning rag cleaner, so that you don't even have to rinse it every once in a while between rags.

pashute, Jul 15 2023


       Does this process take place underwater?
whatrock, Jul 16 2023

       Before someone says it, a washing machine is not a suitable substitute, as rags are typically too heavily soiled, the user may not want to wash rags with other clothes, and there generally aren't enough rags for a minimal load.
Voice, Jul 16 2023


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