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Rain Door

Adorn your doorway with a water drop, bead curtain.
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Instead of beads on a string, fill your doorway with lines of water drops falling from the door lintel. The water is collected in the doorsill grate and pumped back up a doorjamb.

Passage can be accomplished automatically, by breaking a beam, or by pressing a button; the pump stops, clearing the doorway. Colored lighting above and from the side gives an added dimension, so that the sparkling, spattering curtain resembles a waterfall at sunset.

FarmerJohn, Oct 20 2002

Rainfall fountain spelling http://www.auto.com...osee11_20010111.htm
I saw this one at the Detroit Auto show. Unfortunately, no pics. [RayfordSteele, Oct 05 2004, last modified Oct 21 2004]

YouTube video of that raindrop display. http://www.youtube....watch?v=Z2LUz2WVcek
[jutta, Apr 10 2007]


       Use strobe lights to "freeze" the strands of water and make them look like beads, kind'a sort'a. Kind'a.
bristolz, Oct 20 2002

       //Instead of beads on a string, fill your doorway with lines of water drops falling from the door lintel. //   

       Baked in my house...at least it was until last week when I had the faulty hot water cylinder replaced upstairs.   

       Croissant because waterfalls and sunsets are pretty and it was a sunny day today and I'm in a good mood.
Helium, Oct 20 2002

       An urban noise dampening, air-circulating, decorative Wonderwall, with possibly baptismal applications, which even the Ch'i Kung crowd would love. I cannot see how, if you had this in your batchelor pad and brought a ladyfriend back, you could possibly fail. Sulphuric acid mode at night. You've outdone yourself, Farmer [+].
General Washington, Oct 20 2002

       Can it spell out my phone messages?
RayfordSteele, Oct 25 2002

       If I understand this correctly, I've seen the effect in some fancy hotel lobbies.
snarfyguy, Oct 25 2002

       RayfordSteele: I would think that with a precisely metered drip and bristolz's strobe lights, one could display text in the doorway.
FarmerJohn, Oct 26 2002

       I've seen video of a computer controlled drip machine which does in fact produce scrolling text from precisely timed drops of water. This was about 8-10 years ago. The inventor was the nephew (I think) of my neighbor across the street. The machine in the video used a square array of nozzles (about 100 of them, as I recall) to drip 3 dimensional designs and block letters from a height of about 20 feet. The solenoid valves rapidly opening and closing made the machine annoyingly loud.
BigBrother, Oct 28 2002

       BigBrother, that is fantastic. Do you think you could find a link?   

       FarmerJohn: How about using it for a 3d display?
pashute, Nov 04 2002

       re 3-d sculpture, I've seen some lamps which had oil drops running down monofilament nylon, I think that could be adapted to create 3-d liquid sculptures
senatorjam, Nov 04 2002

       Fantastic !! Well worth a croissant. What about running the strobe out sequence so the rain drips upwards ?
Sir Tun tufeille, Nov 05 2002

       Actually, from what I saw of the Jeep display, (see link) no strobe is needed, if the doorway is relatively tall enough.
RayfordSteele, Nov 05 2002

       I'm going to get started right away! (making it)
demtangs, Jun 15 2003


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