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photoactivated botox with photopatterned screen gives greater facial mobility

victorias secret model gets lucky.
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The afternoon they kicked me out of the OIT library permanently for looking at allegedly naughty photos I took a picture of Candice Swanepoel from a Victorias Secret catalog then made it my handyphone screen.

Slightly less than a year later I look her up on youtube. She appears to have goop (collagen) as well as botox which appears to have modified her facial mobility slightly. She makes 3 million US$ a year or more as a model. What she could use is a kind of variable botox that permits more facial movement. A kind of botox that only affects a musculocyte neural connection per 10, or is only active at certain microareas.

Just attach a photoactive group to botox then use a patterned screen to shine light through after the botox application. Anywhere from one musculocyte neuroconnection per 10 goes rigid to most of them, permitting greater facial mobility as well as general smoothness. Lasers could be used to create 3d patterns at depth if that has value.

(links) to photoactive peptides. Botox is a protein thus a light activated version should be rapidly engineerable. If it was a mere 100k us$ to develop clandestinely she could get years more funds, worth many millions, from modelling.

as far as collagen goes it could be photoactive to variable solubility.

beanangel, Jun 17 2011

photoactive peptides http://www.bing.com...peptide&FORM=IE8SRC
[beanangel, Jun 17 2011]


       1) //musculocyte// Arrrgh that hurts my eyes! It's *myocyte*   

       2) Good on you: what your're describing is called optogenetics, and it's very cutting edge stuff.
mouseposture, Jun 17 2011

       3) //your're// Arrrgh that hurts my eyes! It's *ewer*
normzone, Jun 18 2011

       // //your're// Arrgh that hurts my eyes! It's *ewer* //   

       Somebody said my name!
nineteenthly, Jun 18 2011

       // //your're// // Let's just pretend I thought [beanangel] rated a special pronoun.
mouseposture, Jun 18 2011

       An honorific one?
nineteenthly, Jun 19 2011


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