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Real Quidditch

A flying game
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I am not a big HP fan but having two teenage sons who grew up with HP I get the attraction. What I don't get is numerous varsity kids playing pseudo Quidditch while running about with a broomstick shoved up their nether region. It just looks like handball with straw turds.

My thought is for an arena which is basically a vastly oversized Dyson air multiplier fan on its side. The Dyson air multiplier is a 'fan' that produces a constant stream of air without blades (or at least visible blades). Contestants could then wear gliding suits of the kind freefallers wear and jump from the top of the arena and attempt to glide as far as possible while holding the ball. The ball can only be held by somebody in flight which as they come to the end of their glide they can either pass it to someone else in flight or attempt to score a goal.

The_Saint, Mar 07 2011


       // a vastly oversized Dyson air multiplier fan on its side //   

       The energy input required would be gigantic, the problems of creating a smooth airflow enormous, and it would in all likelihood result in fatalities.   

8th of 7, Mar 07 2011

       I had a hard time suspending my disbelief for the Quiddich stuff in the books. For one it is a poorly designed game because the little ball decides the win; all the goings on with the big ball is beside the point. For two it would be phenomenally dangerous.   

       That said, 3D rugby in the arena you propose could be fun to watch.
bungston, Mar 07 2011

       Yeah, Lovecraft is not for everybody.
normzone, Mar 07 2011

       [Bungston] I'm pretty sure that's why Rowling wrote one (or two?) games so that the little ball didn't decide the game. One interesting thing is that the characters talk about games that are more on the order of test cricket in length, but all the games played seem to be more around the length of a tennis match. The former would allow the score to run much higher before the game ended.
MechE, Mar 07 2011


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