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Real World Driving

Sim game or training or "Carmageddon"
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It's time to take driving games to the next level.


Sure there are games that simulate closely the cities some people live in. Sure the games have gotten more realistic in physics and visual effects.
I wanna drive home going 90 MPH down that 2 lane highway where I always get stuck behind Gramma on her way to get 3 apples from the local farmer.
I wanna try and beat my best time of getting home from work.
I wanna run over that darn bicyclist that I meet on my road every night I come home from work.
Taken from data from you, someone you know, someone you don't know, someone whos name you can't pronounce; the virtual 'world' would consist of near exact replicas of the roads you and I drive home on every day with the landmarks and scenery.
The local delivery company can realistcally train their drivers to know their way around town or the best route from here to there.
Data can be collected to simulate what times the roads are empty and full. It can be a massively multiplayer online where there are or are no cops or just ignore the cops.

On a side note...I'm kind of taking this idea from the flight sim X-Plane, where they are trying to incorporate all the real world data in their flight sim...well, I don't wanna fly, I wanna drive!
UhhOK, Mar 21 2002

traffic agents http://www.halfbake...ea/traffic_20agents
Similar. [hippo, Mar 22 2002]

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       I've been kicking around the same idea for a while. But make it driving to work, not from work. That's where the real life challenges are. Three days late to work and Game Over.   

       Add in things like construction/accidents, or just changing patters force you to a new route. Lose points and time for gettting pulled over, but get bonus points for eluding or outrunning the cops.   

       "Cops on Strike" bonus rounds. Random "overslept" rounds with less than the usual time to get to work. Bonus points if you can manage to stop at Starbucks or 7-11 and still make it on time. Get free late days for things like getting in before the boss one day, or some other kind of kissing up (pick up his laundry on the way in?).
whojgalt, Sep 30 2002


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