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mythical beast as a seat cover
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Seat covers made of brown fur, with eyes and mouth on headrest, looking like a sasquatch. They look funny when nobody's in the car. Cozy and warm in the winter, but get hot and filthy in the summer.

Could also be called Car Yeti™.

napoleonbag, Jul 14 2008


       Yeti … Sounds like my lambs wool seat covers after a summer of hauling my young kids to and fro. The crayons left in the seats during the Phoenix heat really added an abstract art look…
CwP, Jul 15 2008


       Why I aughta...{+}   

       Cute +
I have seen (Tiger-striped) seat covers with a Tiger's head on them, but I think they were custom-made.
xandram, Jul 15 2008


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