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Refrigerator with Back Door

For easier cold drink access
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Imagine a fridge that has a door in the front and a door in the back. Before moving your new fridge into your kitchen, you will need to cut a hole in the wall behind where the fridge will go.

Depending on the layout of your kitchen and the floor plan of your home, you may be able to help yourself to a cold beverage from one of these fabulous locations:

-Living room; get a drink without missing anything on TV.

-Bedroom; enjoy a nightcap, or a morning kick-start.

-Back yard; perfect for barbeques.

-Front porch; start drinking the moment you get home.

-Garage; grab a cold one for the road.

-Your neighbor's apartment; share the love.

AO, Apr 04 2003


       Ugly but good !
funkychunky, Apr 04 2003

       Hmm. Spider sense tells me we've done something like this before, but I've no time to look. One question though: Where are you going to put the coils?
phoenix, Apr 04 2003

       How about makind the door just big enough for an arm to slip through & the coils are built around it. Though, you won't be able to see what you are grabbing out of the fridge so it will be a surprise everytime you reach in!
funkychunky, Apr 04 2003

       The coils could go anywhere, on top for instance, or the side.
AO, Apr 04 2003

       [TomBomb] It is a little like the convenience store fridge, but only a little. The back door in those fridges is for putting beer in, whereas my proposed door is for beer removal.   

       Also, most people do not have enough space to install a convenience store fridge in their kitchen.
AO, Apr 04 2003

       One would be twice as unsure if the light is still shining when the doors are closed.
FarmerJohn, Apr 04 2003

       You could put the door on the sides. Or if you are a real beer drinker you know what your are grabbing if it is the only thing ever in there.
pglit, Apr 04 2003

       ... and land it right in your beer hat.   

-lines-, Apr 05 2003

       I just want to know how you get the darned thing to open up in all of those rooms so you don't have to go to another room to get what you need. Sounds like fun to me though. Bobby Walker
bbwalker53, Apr 07 2003

       hee hee - beer removal. I want one of these! My kitchen shares a wall with my bedroom, so it would be nice, but it would be nicer if I could move the 2-way fridge to the wall with the deck on the outside! Beer & croissant for you!
stephee, Apr 07 2003

       I just appreciate the irony in [AO] saying //most people do not have enough space to install a convenience store fridge in their kitchen//, whilst suggesting knocking down a wall to put a second fridge door in. If you can knock down a wall to put a special fridge in, you can probably put in a convenience store fridge
miasere, Apr 07 2003

       My Dad's just renovated his TV room and he's got a mini-bar fridge stocked with chocolate bars and beer. It does the job. He's unlikely to want a cabbage or a frozen lasagne while he watches the game.   

       And besides, the two door door fridge _is_ a lot like a the big industrial fridges they have in convenience stores, but they're based on an inventory flow-through concept, rather than a dual access concept. They're big and expensive to build and less energy efficient than a regular fridge.   

       Fishbone (-)   


       Maybe there's a niche market for a domestic unit like this. It would cost less to buy and run than two independent fridges, consolidates the household's food inventory and has a "kinda-neat" factor.   

       I supposte I haven't been this aggressively neutral for a while.
FloridaManatee, Apr 07 2003

       Would the small "back door" not fly open every time you shut the main door?
silverstormer, Apr 08 2003

       Then maybe the "back door" should open inwards?
FarmerJohn, Apr 08 2003

       open inwards and knock over everything in your fridge?
urbanmatador, Apr 08 2003

       well this is a good idea, except the backyard placement. you see punk teenagers (like me) will go into your backyard and steal your beer. adding a lock will only cuase a hassle and destroy the ease of it (having to get keys and such/ forgeting combo) and would also stop me from getting free beer =P
i-Mer, Apr 08 2003

       um: A quip is even less funny when explained.
FarmerJohn, Apr 09 2003

       [farmerjohn] my apologies. i didn't realize it was a quip. (hangs head in shame, flogs self, heads to bed...)
urbanmatador, Apr 09 2003

       I thought of this, but mainly for the blockage reaons (see ravenswood above). The only thing I want to add, is that the back door can have a latch simplar to the fridges of the 50's. Since you have another door in front that closes with a magnet, you don't have to worry about a kid getting trapped in it. Now all you have to worry about is the front door flying open when the back door is slammed, which doesn't seem like all that big a deal.
ProblemSolver, Oct 14 2004


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