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Religious Symbol Screw Heads

Screw Head slots shaped like the symbols of all major world religions.
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Someone (ie, not me) could market a range of screws and screwdrivers with the screw head slots shaped like the symbols of major world religions. Church/Mosque construction must be big business, and having the slots in the screws used to construct the buildings would give the vicer/oman/preist extra cachet, and also remind the worshippers why they are there.
The simplest design is the Christian cross, which would simply be an offset Philips screwhead.
The Star of David would also work well.
The Muslim crescent moon screw would be difficult to drive into hard woods or masonary...
I think also a fish-shaped screw head may also be difficult to use.....
Minimal, Jun 24 2005

(???) Star of David bolts (sort of) http://www.shiffler...d=&product_id=25636
You've all seen these... [gardnertoo, Jun 25 2005]

The Amazing Screw-On Head http://www.darkhors...file.php?sku=11-820
Calling Screw-On Head... Calling Screw-on Head.... [bungston, Apr 06 2007]

Nailtraits nailtraits
.... just for you Blisterbob, only in nail format [xenzag, Apr 06 2007]

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       the crescent wouldn't screw?
po, Jun 24 2005

       It's a bugger for religions with circular symbolism.
zen_tom, Jun 24 2005

       "Damn! These are Ganesh the Elephant-God screws and all I've got is this crappy Ying-Yang screwdriver!"
hippo, Jun 24 2005

       Yeah, building Hindu temples (or temples of any pantheon-rich polytheistic religions) really would be a bind. I've tried fixing up a car that had a mixture of imperial and metric sized nuts/bolts and that was bad enough.
zen_tom, Jun 24 2005

       //It's a bugger for religions with circular symbolism// Those are nails, dummy - useful for hanging up founders of other religions.
AbsintheWithoutLeave, Jun 24 2005

       I think this is fun, and I'm pretty certain you could devise a workable crescent-head screw, though why stop at religious symbols? I want cat's-paw-head screws.
DrCurry, Jun 24 2005

       //I want cat's-paw-head screws// But that would allow Tiddles to dismantle your Ikea sofa, not merely pluck it so it looks like a wind gag.
AbsintheWithoutLeave, Jun 24 2005

       Thought this might refer somehow to Pat Robertson.
(Let's see if anyone besides me gets that obscure association.)
half, Jun 24 2005

       "Damn these Zen screws - the tops are completely smooth and featureless!"
hippo, Jun 24 2005

       Baked... I'm Christian.
david_scothern, Jun 24 2005

       "Pass me a number three Druid, Merv."
Basepair, Jun 24 2005

       screw religion
sophocles, Jun 24 2005

       Jewish plumbers have apparantly been on to this idea for years... (linky)
gardnertoo, Jun 25 2005

       I do see a large amount of cash being earned by this idea.
10clock, Jun 25 2005

       How many Christians does it take to screw in a Hindu?
baconbrain, Jun 25 2005

       [hippo], you might be looking at the Zen-end of a carriage bolt.
Laughs Last, Jun 25 2005

       "What's a Hindu?"
"Lay eggs."
Basepair, Jun 25 2005

       I think screw heads should be shaped like the head of the person screwing them in. Then they would be personal screw heads. But, expensive...that's why I would just use nails. I like the violence of it all. But, then, my wife hates the noise of all that banging...   

       "Well, then we can just use the very expensive 'My Head' screws then, can't we?"   

       God...I hate it when she gets that way...   

       "And, you can forget about that new leather jacket you wanted me to get you for your birthday..."   

       I really never should have got married in the first place...I certainly wanted to use up those nails. Say... I've an idea...why not nails with heads shaped like my wife's head...that's even beter. We could call them "Shrew Headed nails". I'm sure to get rich over this one. And, the fun of hammering them in...Ahhh!
Blisterbob, Apr 06 2007

       These crucifix screws are all in upside down. AAAHHH! There's a satanist in the construction crew!
ye_river_xiv, Apr 06 2007

       What would athiests use? Rivets?
ShawnBob, Apr 10 2010

       Crazy glue?   

       I can only hope. :)   

       // Screws have Britain as the slot shape. //   

       Before or after Scots independance ?   

       What about the Republic of Ireland ?
8th of 7, Jan 05 2014

       Would you include the Crown Dependencies (Guernsey, Jersey and the Isle of Man - all part of the "British Isles" and "The Crown" but not part of the United Kingdom or the European Union)? And what about Gibraltar and the British Overseas Territories?
hippo, Jan 06 2014

       Rockall …
8th of 7, Jan 06 2014


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