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tv remote

Add sound/vision monitoring to it?
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Give your tv remote the ability to hear and see the screen, what then would you like it to monitor and control automatically for you?

I'd be setting it first to dim the screen and hush the sound of any item filled with repetition, such as station-promotion ads and those tikka-takka bong-bong drum-machine background noises that seem to accompany everything these days.

It would do this from its little cradle of course.

What's your choice?

rayfo, Jun 14 2001


       Training the remote to recognise hated politicians and take appropriate actions against them (such as immediately changing the channel) would go down well in books ...
Aristotle, Jun 14 2001

       Yes, waugsqueke, the latter.
rayfo, Jun 14 2001

       Perhaps it could have a default setting to turn down the sound when adverts come on 'cause i have noticed that they play ata greater decibell level than regular television.
[ sctld ], Jun 20 2001


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