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Supermarket trolley locator

Your trolley shines a number onto the ceiling specifying the position of your co-shopper
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I always lose my wife at the supermarket. She either spends an inordinate amount of time at the aisle ends (meaning my hurried glance up each aisle fails to locate her) or she shops in a way which is inherently unpredictable. Either way, my foraging trips for forgotten essentials take longer than necessary.

All trolleys need a dynamo fitted to one wheel which powers a small light. The light projects a coloured number onto the ceiling of the supermarket. I go to get apples, I look at the ceiling, i check the (say) blue numerals for number 12, i find her.

hennessey, Mar 03 2009


       If she's standing at the aisle ends, the dynamo won't be turning and the light won't work.
hippo, Mar 03 2009

       //I always lose my wife at the supermarket//

//she shops in a way which is inherently unpredictable//

Are you sure that it's the hennessey wife that is the problem here?
DrBob, Mar 03 2009

       a length of string between partners might be the answer.
po, Mar 03 2009

       DrBob - you're saying I should change supermarkets?
hennessey, Mar 03 2009

       That's one possible interpretation ;o)
DrBob, Mar 03 2009

       Better make sure all those electronics are waterproof, and it will aid divers to avoid them.
coprocephalous, Mar 03 2009

       add a paper cup on each end to [po]'s idea and the two of you can speak to each other!
xandram, Mar 03 2009

       So, what you're saying is that you'd like to find your wife.   


       I rest my case.
colorclocks, Mar 03 2009

       //find your wife//
he's saying he wants to know where she is... not the same thing at all.
FlyingToaster, Mar 03 2009

       ... so as to avoid her?
neelandan, Mar 04 2009

       Very nice. An alternative solution is to have a giant wife.
calum, Mar 04 2009

       Get a green laser pointer. Fit the tip with one of those thingies that turn the spot into an image. Tape the button ON and stick it in your wife's hairdo so that it is pointing straight up.   

neelandan, Mar 04 2009

       Shop for all groceries online! You won't regret it! If only they would start online shopping here in Malaysia :(
vincevincevince, Mar 04 2009


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