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Self-catering cruise liner

Eliminate expensive serving staff crew
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The title speaks for itself. A cruise-liner with replenishment-at-sea, where a supermarket liner comes alongside once a week, and eager passengers are winched over by breeches buoy to stock up on beer and ready-meals to be re-heated in their cabins.
coprocephalous, Oct 04 2010

Found it http://www.resident...ise_ship_living.htm
But wait, it's not cheaper, it's more expensive [zeno, Oct 06 2010]


       So each cabin needs to have a kitchen? Or are you suggesting that they'd get airline food, but cold instead of hot?   

       You know what they say though, give a man a fish...
marklar, Oct 04 2010

       //So each cabin needs to have a kitchen?// Yes, but that's simple, because you've eliminated all the cabins required by the restaurant staff.
coprocephalous, Oct 04 2010

       Also, replace cruise ship cabaret with a likely similar karaoke disco.
calum, Oct 04 2010

       Or, you could just let people rent out an empty cruise liner and get them to do everything.
nineteenthly, Oct 04 2010

       Do we get to drive the boat, too??
xandram, Oct 04 2010

       I believe the preferred method used by Easy Cruise is to make the cabin as small and spartan as possible and encourage the passengers to spend more time and money in the common areas.   

       Edit: Hehe, Spartan cabins. Raaaaaawwww.
marklar, Oct 04 2010

       Or simply replace the buffets with vending machines. No, wait. The ship would then become top-heavy from all the passengers having to carry around bags & bags of coins...
Canuck, Oct 05 2010

       You could do Iron Chef cruises. ... Get a Gordon Ramsey type to plan the menu, have a group of chef wantabe's do the preparation under 'Gorndons' watchful eyes, and the rest of the patrons determines who gets to cook on a real cruise liner, who gets honorable mention, and who get to get keel hauled for messing up to bad! ... Also, get corn based china look-alike dishes, so the dirty ones can just be washed and dissolve. ... Don't throw plastics overboard! and no dishwasher people. Still need some janitorial staff. ...   

       It wouldn't do away with staff, but it would reduce it significantly. Do the same for the bar tenders, and entertainers.
servant74, Oct 05 2010

       What mode of transportation is "messing up", where is "bad", and why would I want to get there?
Voice, Oct 08 2010

       I like having staff onboard. The more the better. In fact, let's eliminate the engine and replace it with slave rowers and a drum. Then we could participate in cruiser wars, ramming other ships like on Ben Hur
RayfordSteele, Oct 15 2010


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